Woman Congratulates Ex On His Gender Reveal For A New Child While Reminding Him He Still Owes Her $80K In Back Child Support

She just wants her ex to do right by their kids.

Woman's ex 80K backpay child support for triplets TikTok

A woman went viral on TikTok after her honest reaction to her ex’s gender reveals for a new child.

After congratulating her ex on the gender reveal of his new child, she reminded him about the kids they had together.

The woman asked her ex for $80,000 in back pay child support after he announced the gender reveal of his new baby.

“Congratulations on y’all’s baby shower, I’m excited for you, you’re having a girl. But just a reminder, you owe me 80K in back pay, for the triplets,” Casie Greer stated. 


Child support payments can be a sensitive subject, and the rules vary from state to state. Greer, who’s in Texas, is owed back pay from her ex. According to the Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, back pay is defined as “any money that should have been paid earlier and has yet to be paid.”

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Greer made multiple posts regarding her ex owing her close to $80,000 in back pay child support. The original post went viral and was then taken down by TikTok, according to Greer, because she didn’t say “allegedly” and used real names.


“It’s been 17 years,” she announced on TikTok, showing a financial statement. “This is how much he owes me.”

She blocked out both her ex’s legal name and the case number, leaving the balance of unpaid support visible to viewers. Her ex owes her $79,941 in child support back pay for the triplets they had together.

“You do not rack up that much arrears by paying your child support,” Greer stated. Greer qualified her original statement, pointing out that her ex is “on a minimum wage order, so technically in the state of Texas, if he paid on time, every single month, he would only have to pay $407 a month of child support.”

“The last time we went to court was when they were 2. So that was literally 15 years ago. They are almost 17. He also has no visitation or any rights to them whatsoever, due to domestic violence.”


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Greer wishes no ill will on her ex’s new family, she just wants the 80,000 owed to her triplets.

“I made the original post because he’s about to have another kid, which is fine. I don’t care. That kid is innocent, the baby is innocent, they didn't ask to be here,” she explained.

“What I’m saying is, where is my money? Even 25 percent of it, so that I could get my kids cars or braces or get them started in college. Literally, everything’s right around the corner. Where is all this at? Where are you at?” she implored her ex. 

“My kids deserve just as much as any other child. So, what’s going on? Let’s go. Call me. If you don’t want this on TikTok then just let’s figure this out.”




Greer stated that her ex took her on the Maury show in 2008, to determine if he was truly the father of their triplets.

“Yes, he was the father of our triplets,” she exclaimed. “Here’s why I’m making another post — I was 19 when I got pregnant with the triplets. It was a miracle. It was natural.”

Greer alleged that her ex told the mother of his second and third children that she took fertility drugs to have her triplets. “That is not the case,” she clarified. “I was 19, we were broke and could barely afford to pay our rent. We could barely have ramen.” 

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Greer then made a direct appeal to her ex. “I don’t care what you think of me," she stated. "We have three kids together. They’re almost 17. And you owe me 80K.”

“Am I all about the money? No. I’ve let you come and visit them a time or two to try and make it right. You never could keep promises, and you kept breaking hearts,” she said. “I have receipts. I have text messages. I have emails. I saved everything because I knew a situation like this would come, where the triplets would want to know what was going on.”

“Do they need your financial support? Absolutely. They’re 17. They need cars, they need braces, they need to go to college. You got out of doing the diapers and the baby food and all that other stuff, but now is the time more than ever, if you’re gonna have more kids, and take care of other children, it's time that you take care of them as well.”

Raising triplets at age 19 is no small feat. One of Greer’s followers praised her efforts, stating, “19 and brought those beautiful babies into the world. You are amazing!”




Greer shared a video of her triplets, smiling and waving at the camera.

She might not receive the money she’s owed, but she can feel proud of the successful parenting she’s done on her own, so far.

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