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Mom Asks If She's Wrong For Letting Son FaceTime Husband During His Brother's Bachelor Party

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Woman facetiming husband during bachelor party

A woman thought it was a good idea to FaceTime her husband while he was at his brother’s bachelor party because their 2-year-old son wanted to talk to him.

However, after getting into an argument with her brother-in-law, the woman thought that she might have been wrong so she went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread to ask internet users what they think.

The woman’s husband left without saying "I love you" to their son so he had been crying for hours.

“I did try to distract him but he was crying for hours over it and was refusing to sleep so I FaceTimed my husband in the hopes it would calm him down,” the woman wrote.

The woman knew that her husband would have been enjoying his brother’s bachelor party so she had intended the conversation to last around five minutes.

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However, after her husband picked up the phone, he kept talking to his toddler son and the conversation lasted more than an hour.

After noticing that the members of the bachelor party were getting a bit impatient, she realized that she had interrupted their fun.

Her brother-in-law became upset that his bachelor party had been ruined.

“My brother-in-law text me later on and was upset with me because I had called my husband.

"He said he was just asking me to give him one weekend of my husband’s time and if I needed help I should ask his parents or get a nanny,” the woman added.

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He believed that her son was just an excuse and that she just wanted to check in on her husband.

The woman didn’t appreciate all the accusations so she retaliated and stated that she had the right to call her husband whenever she wanted.

It soon turned into an argument between the two of them.

Later on, the woman started to feel guilty and went to Reddit to share her story with other people.

Redditors thought the woman wasn’t wrong in this situation.

One user wrote, “Why is BIL [brother-in-law] talking to you if he’s annoyed with your husband? He needs to talk to his brother about that ..... And why are you talking to BIL about something so ridiculous? Ignore him. If your husband wants to talk to his son that’s his choice.” 

Another user wrote, “Yeah I get that BIL might want his brother to himself for a weekend but just because he’s left the house your husband doesn’t stop being a father. The expectation that men can just ignore their kids for a weekend is insane.”

“Your husband probably enjoyed the FaceTime more than the party. He sounds like a loving and caring dad and hubby. BIL sounds like a groomzilla. I feel sorry for his future wife,” another person commented.

“If hubby wanted to end the call, he could have ended the call. That's on him. Your son needed his dad, and apparently, your husband needed his son because he's the one who decided to talk for so long,” one person wrote.

It seems internet users understood the mother's need to call her husband out of the blue and supported her actions.

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