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Woman Claims Her 2-Year Boyfriend Won't Bring His Daughter Around Her Kids Because She 'Hurt Her Mommy'

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A woman went to an online forum searching for advice on her now-past relationship of two years with her boyfriend that ended because of an argument about their kids. They don’t have any kids together — this was an argument about the kids that they’d already had from previous relationships.

According to her, her boyfriend refused to let his daughter around her or her kids, no matter how long they’d been together or how serious their relationship was. He’s often around her kids, but she’s never around his.

He claims that his daughter doesn’t want to be around his girlfriend because she hurt her mom.

“We've been together [for] two years and this whole time I have not been able to see his daughter or talk to her,” she wrote to Reddit’s “r/Parenting” subreddit. “He just barely filed the divorce a couple [of] weeks ago and they have been separated for 3 years at this point,” she adds, referring to him and his ex.

Two days ago, on May 28, 2023, the couple had gotten into another argument about this problem where he had revealed to her that his daughter doesn’t want to meet her because “I hurt her mommy” — something she claims was placed into her head by his ex.

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It seems clear that her boyfriend and his ex are still in contact with each other, even if it’s just because of their co-parenting relationship, but there’s no transparency from her on how close they are or what their status is in terms of custody.

“The conversation ended with him screaming at me that [he was] not going to do something his daughter doesn't want to do and trying to throw all of his stuff in trash bags in front of my kids,” she continued explaining. “I'm unsure if I'm being unreasonable here. Is it possible to have a relationship in which one [partner's] child from another marriage isn't involved in the other [partner's] family at all?”

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While she was worried about that, commenters were worried that she got played.

They were highly suspicious of her now ex-boyfriend to the point where many people in the comments actually congratulated her for breaking up with him. What really put the icing on the cake for them was the last line of her post, which read, “It's worth mentioning [I'm] not allowed to go to any of his family functions either because then his [ex-wife] wouldn't go and he doesn't want his daughter to see it as him choosing me over her mom,” she wrote.

“You're his side chick, not his girlfriend,” the top comment read, while the next reply went a little more in-depth with their explanation.

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“Harsh as it may sound this is [it’s] spot on. He’s keeping his child’s mom in the primary slot,” they wrote. “Sounds like his kid has been given hope mom and dad might get back together and you now represent the reason that won’t ever happen. That your bf doesn’t wish to correct her misperception indicates he’s been party to creating that illusion.”

If she’s the side chick, then she sure dodged a bullet, because there’s no point in being in a relationship if you’re not all in — daughter included.

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