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Woman Teaches Daughter Lesson By Getting Her Flip Phone As First Phone—'Thank You I Guess'

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Woman teaches daughter lesson by gifting her flip phone as first phone

Giving a kid a cell phone is a basic safety precaution nowadays as it allows parents to text their children to check in on them and track their child’s location through GPS technology.

Cell phones also allow children to stay connected with their friends which is essential for their social development. However, being exposed to social media at a young age can be harmful to a developing child’s mental health, which is why having a flip phone before transitioning to a smartphone is a great idea.

After one woman’s daughter kept asking for her first cell phone, she gave her a flip phone to teach her an important lesson.

Dixie revealed in a TikTok the moment she gifted her 10-year-old daughter a flip phone, which is not what her daughter was expecting at all.



The look of disbelief she gives her mom is priceless. “Do you want me to teach you how to text on it?” her mom asks. She then teaches her the art of T9 texting—which if you know, then you know. “If you want to type ‘HEY,’ see it’s GHI, H is the second letter so you hit it twice,” she explains to her daughter.

“This looks like the newer version of something old,” says the girl. “Don’t you love it!!?” her mom asks. “I guess…,” she responds while looking at the phone like it’s an artifact. “This is not what I was expecting though.”

“You’re welcome,” the mom says, and her daughter replies, “Thank you, I guess.”

It seems like Dixie wanted to teach her daughter a lesson about the value of technology and the importance of being grateful for what you have. A flip phone can still provide basic communication while limiting access to harmful apps and social media. 

It’s important for parents to have an open and honest conversation about the drawbacks of technology, and for children to show responsibility before earning the privilege of having a smartphone.

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Users who saw the video agreed that all kids should start out with flip phones.

One user wrote, “Every kid should HAVE to have this first !!”

“That’s what I would give to my kids until they are around 15,” a second user commented. “Great way to keep them off from the internet creeps.”

“Love this! Mine is 9 and says she needs a phone but ‘if it’s not an iPhone I don’t even want it’... sounds like you don’t need it then,” said another.

“I jumped up and down when I got mine. I wish smartphones never existed it’s so hard to set them down,” added a fourth.

“Honestly I miss those days. We are all so caught up in social media and our phones we spend less time enjoying life,” claimed someone else.

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