Father Leaves Children Sitting In Coach While He Sits In First-Class Because He 'Earned It' & He Doesn't Want To 'Spoil' Them

He says he wants to teach them the value of a dollar. However, some people believe that a family trip is not the time and place.

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Anybody who has ever flown with children can tell you that it is not for the weak, which is why some travelers have opted not to do it. This doesn't necessarily mean that they board the plane without them, however. It just means that they choose not to sit with them. 

One father has shared his controversial parenting technique where he flies separately from his children even though they are all aboard the same plane, and encourages other “rich” parents to do the same. 


The father leaves his children in coach while he sits in first class because he ‘earned it.’ 

Samuel Leeds, a highly-successful property investor on TikTok recently took some heat after documenting how he travels with his family on a recent flight. While Leeds flies in first class with his wife, their two young children fly in coach with their nanny. 

In a video viewed over 25,000 times, Leeds films his two children sitting in coach as he waves goodbye to them, saying, “See you later!” He then proceeds out of coach through the business class. He claims that he walks right past this section of the plane because he’s “earned it” before entering first class, where he and his wife have their very own seats that convert into beds. 


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In addition to the bed, Leeds has a table with an exquisite dinner spread waiting for him. In front of his seat is his wife’s. He says that she flies in first class with him since she “helps build his business.” Leeds advises other “rich people” not to spoil their kids by making them sit in coach before asking viewers if they agree or disagree with his own personal flying policy. 

Some TikTok users sided with Leeds. “I love this! It’s your hard-earned money, not theirs,” one user commented. “They need to learn to make their own. No excuses and this is a teachable moment when they get older.” “Kids should be buckled, other than that who cares… they do not need the extra room anyway,” another user shared. 


However, others did not understand the teachable moment Leeds was trying to pass on to his kids and criticized him for not wanting to fly as a family.

“You should want all you have plus so much more for your children. I don’t agree with this one,” one user wrote. “I don’t think leaving your young daughter on a plane where you’re that far away from her is a good idea,” another user pointed out. “Wouldn’t you want to spend time with your children?” another user asked. 

In a follow-up video, Leeds sits down with a fellow content creator to defend his decision as to why he did not allow his children to fly with him and their mother in first class. 

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He argues that he does not want his children to grow up spoiled, and work hard for their money as he did. 



“When they’re 16, 17, 18, and they’re making their own money and doing their own thing, what happens when their friends go, ‘hey, we should go skiing in Canada!’ and they can’t afford to fly first [class] and they’re used to going first,” Leeds says. “They’ll be ruined, they’ll be spoiled. They need to understand the value of money.” 

The father emphasized to his children that they will not be able to have the luxuries they desire if they do not work hard and that he does not plan on sharing some of his own wealth with them. 

“It’s okay to have the luxury as long as you understand where it came from,” Leeds says. While he will not be giving his children any of his money, the father says that he will be giving them business opportunities to give them the chance to work alongside him. “They have to start from the bottom.” 


Through his parenting methods, Leeds hopes to instill in his children that they have to work toward everything they despite instead of having it handed to them. 

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