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Woman Says She Was Arrested For Attacking Her Ex's Girlfriend After Hearing She Abused Her 3-Year-Old

Photo: TikTok
Savanna Grace White and her son's abuse

Savanna Grace White was arrested in Spartanburg County early March of 2019 after she allegedly attacked her ex’s girlfriend with a stun gun after breaking through the gates of her home.

When she called 911, the dispatcher heard White say “I’m going to kill you” on the open police line. When ann Upstate deputy arrived to the house, he found the two bloodied women fighting on the ground in a driveway.

Now, Savanna Grace White claims that the woman she attacked was abusing her 3-year-old child.

According to the original report by WYFF4, the woman who called the police had been to the sheriff’s office earlier that morning to try and get a restraining order against White.

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She claimed that White had been harassing and threatening her because her current boyfriend is the father of White’s son.

She said that when White appeared at her house to try and attack her, she shut the gate to try and keep her out, calling the police at the same time.

White allegedly got through the gate and attacked her with the stun gun.

The woman was reportedly able to wrestle the stun gun away before falling to the ground trying to fight her. Eventually, she had White pinned and kept her there until the police arrived.

The deputy went to the home on Boundary Drive in Spartanburg where he ordered the two women to part, noticing that 21-year-old White was bleeding profusely from her head.

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The deputy called EMS and another deputy to the scene, realizing that both women were covered in blood which they later figured out all came from White’s injuries.

The woman’s father-in-law who was on the property at the time of the attack corroborated her story. 

When the deputies asked White for her report, she said that she went to the house to confront the woman because she thought she was abusing her child and brought the stun gun for self-defense.

The deputies reached the conclusion that White was the primary aggressor and arrested her on a third-degree assault and battery charge. 

She was treated at Spartanburg Memorial Hospital before she was booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

Savannah Grace White finally opened up about the encounter.

Yesterday White posted a video to TikTok where she dances to Tay Money’s “The Assignment,” where she repeats the line “I misunderstood the assignment” in front of a screenshot of the article about her.



The joke was supposed to be that she misunderstood the assignment because she went to confront her child’s abuser and ended up getting arrested.

“You [didn’t misunderstand anything]. Just let us know next time we’re going with you,” read one of the comments on the TikTok that received 4.1 million views.

However, the top comment read, “You can Google the article . . . [it] says nothing about a child besides she’s the gf of her (creator) kid. She ‘believed’ there was abuse. Don’t trust everyone on TikTok, guys.”

She responded back by telling this person that maybe they should believe everything they read in the news and that the article was biased because it was written based on the other woman’s police report.



She claims that her child started coming home with injuries after staying at his dad’s house but says his father used excuses like he ran into things or fell — all before the child could start talking.

However, once the child could talk and allegedly told White about the abuse, that’s when she attacked the other woman.

After the attack and the information about the child’s abuse was released, the child’s time with the father was limited.

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