Woman Claims Her Male Coworker Set Her Up To Get Trafficked After Offering Her A Place To Stay

She trusted him.

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After a traumatic experience, one woman is sharing her story after believing her encounter with her male co-worker almost resulted in a horrifying outcome.

The distraught woman didn't expect this to happen to her as she trusted her male co-worker since they would often hang out after work hours and went to school together.

In the TikTok video, the woman claims her co-worker attempted to traffick her.

The woman explained how she was in a dire situation where she didn’t have a place to stay. As a result, she sought help at her workplace. 


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The man in question offered her a place to stay temporarily claiming that the lease was under his and his friend’s name but he didn’t use it.

The woman then accepted his offer and went to stay at his place while thinking nothing of it, but when she entered the apartment, she could see a number of red flags.



She said, “As soon as I walked into the apartment, I noticed a used shovel, a ski mask, a mattress on the floor in the living room, another mattress on the floor with no blankets, no sheets, no pillows.”


While seeing those items seemed a bit strange, the woman chose to ignore them at the time as she desperately needed a place to stay.

After a few days of living in that apartment, the woman encountered a strange man.

One night, she and her friend were hanging out at the apartment when they heard the sound of the doorknob from the outside.

At first, the woman assumed it was her male co-worker as only he had keys to the apartment, but was surprised when a man she did not recognize walked into the apartment. 

“So old dude came in, went to the bathroom with the door open, really weird," she said in a TikTok video. "Then after that, he didn’t even wash his hands and then after that, he went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and started offering us food that I bought.”




The woman and her best friend found this situation to be extremely strange and tried to leave the apartment, but the man tried to stop them.

“He was just like, ‘stay, stay’ and he started getting more and more aggressive when he said ‘stay,’” the TikToker said.

The two eventually left the apartment while stating that they were going to the store.


The man then asked whether the two would come back — both of them said they would but didn’t.

The two women then went to their car and waited there until the man left the apartment.

“My theory is that he was trying to set me up for [sex trafficking] because when he was giving me the tour," she said, "he was telling me, ‘oh, I would bring girls into this apartment and do the deed.’”

The woman confronted her co-worker.

After a few days, the woman went back to the apartment with her mother and got all of her stuff.

She then confronted her male co-worker and told him about the strange man she encountered.



The co-worker claimed that the old man was his friend’s uncle with whom he shared a lease.


The woman said, “oh okay, but he kept saying ‘Carlos was the one that invited me to stay here.’” 

She assumed that the friend her co-worker kept mentioning was named ‘Carlos’ but her co-worker slipped up and revealed that his name was not Carlos. For her, this only added to her fears. 

Fortunately, regardless of whether the allegations are true, the woman managed to escape and is no longer staying at the residence.


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