Why Celebrating Britney Spears’ Nude Instagram Photos Feels Uncomfortable

Should we be concerned?

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Just after the suspension of Jamie Spears from his role as the conservator of Britney Spears’ estate, it seems the popstar is commemorating her newfound freedom by posting a slew of nude photos to her Instagram.

In a photo dump from Britney Spears’ trip with her fiancé, Sam Asghari, Spears posted pictures of her posing nude next to an outdoor bathtub in a series of different poses.

The pictures were edited using pink flowers to expertly cover up parts of her body, and some people even questioned if she had edited her body from the way the tub curved unnaturally in the background.


Britney Spears' nude Instagram photos have gotten mixed reactions. 

While some people were praising the singer for celebrating her life and enjoying the victory won from her father no longer being in control of her life — there were others who felt as if the praise for Britney was misplaced.

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Of course Britney missed out on so much from being trapped in the cycle of abuse run by her father and the binding laws of her conservatorship. So, to finally see her taking control and celebrating her freedom is heartwarming, but also a bit concerning.


Britney Spears has publicly suffered from mental health issues, most of them heightened by the exploitative side of fame and being locked in her conservatorship.

It almost feels as if people are brushing past the fact that she could still be suffering from mental health issues, especially when looking at the collection of photos that were recently posted to her Instagram account.


But, there is also the argument that no one has these same reservations about celebrities like the Kardashian sisters when they post nude photos of themselves on Instagram. 

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In their case, they are being praised for being so “open” and their pictures garner millions of likes and comments. Their nude photos are posted on different media sites with nothing but praise. 

For Britney though, it seems the conversations that people are having in private about the pop singer don’t seem to be the same response when it comes to other celebrities that post racy photos.


Should we be praising Britney Spears or should we be concerned about her wellbeing? 

Britney was bottled up by her father for years and was subject to having every inch of her life being controlled by other people. It almost seems as if this version of Britney, the one that posts nude photos without thinking twice, is the Britney that was being silenced for a long time.

In reality, Britney missed out on the chance to join women reclaiming their bodies and the radical changes made to the stigma around mental health. 


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She missed out on the formative years of her life when it came to expression and being able to join in with the other celebrity women who were posting their racy photos to social media because it was their bodies and they were reclaiming their own feminine identities.

At the end of the day, Britney’s photos aren’t harming or offending anyone. 

To be a victim in the way that she was, suffering for years with having to give up who she was and not being able to be free in her own life is an awful experience to live through.


If Britney Spears wants to celebrate the victory of finally winning her life back by posting photos of her body to her Instagram page, then so be it.

In a way, she deserves it. She deserves to feel in control of her life, as well as her body, again. 

All power to her for wanting to reclaim the years of her life that were lost.

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