Kathy Hochul Slated To Become The First Female Governor Of New York After Andrew Cuomo Resigns

Meet the soon-to-be Governor of New York.

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A week after a report from New York State attorney general Letitia James was released, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo put in his formal resignation.

The report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, some of whom are current and former government workers. From unwanted touching to inappropriate comments, the 165-page report caused multiple calls for Cuomo to resign.

Even President Joe Biden called him out, requesting Cuomo’s resignation.


"I think he should resign,” Biden said. “I understand that the state legislature may decide to impeach. I don't know that for a fact.”

Who is the next governor of New York, Kathy Hochul?

Kathy Hochul is the current Lt. Governor of New York and is set out to replace Andrew Cuomo, 63, as Governor of New York.

When she does, she will become the 57th governor of New York, as well as the first woman to fill the position.

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Current Lt. Gov. Hochul's first became politically active in college.

Hochul, whose full name is Kathleen Courtney Hochul (pronounced hoh-kuhl), was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and is currently 62 years old. She received her BA from Syracuse University and a law degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

During her time at Syracuse, she led a boycott of the student bookstore "over high prices... an unsuccessful effort to name the university stadium after alum nus running back Ernie Davis... [and] successfully lobbied the university to divest from apartheid South Africa."

After earning her JD, she briefly worked for a DC lawfirm before seeking more fulfilling work in politics.

Hochul defines herself as an "independent Democrat."

She first used the term to describe herself during her 2011 campaign for Congress, referencing her opposition to several Democrat-led initiatives, as well as her support for a resolution endorsed by the National Rifle Association.


She is one of only two New York Democrats to have received the NRA's support.

Hochul is married and has two children.

While interning at the state Assembly, she met her current husband, William J. Hochul (known as Bill), who was nominated to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York by former president Barack Obama in 2009.

They have two children together, William and Caitlin, known to friends as Will and Katie. Will is an attorney at Sidley Austin, a law firm in Washington DC. Caitlin is the Director of Communications and Client Relations at Concepts, Inc.

After she is sworn in governor, Bill will officially become the first First Gentleman of New York.


Hochul will assume her new responsibilities when Cuomo's resignation takes effect in 14 days.

After she is sworn in on August 24, 2021, Kathy Hochul will serve as governor of New York State until next year, which would have been the end of Cuomo's term.

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A long-time advocate for victims of domestic violence, Hochul agreed that it was time for Cuomo to step down.

“It is the right thing to do and in the best interest of New Yorkers,” she said. “As someone who has served at all levels of government and is next in the line of succession, I am prepared to lead as New York State’s 57th governor.”

As a former member of Congress, Democrat Kathy Hochul has been an advocate for abortion rights and same-sex marriage.


During her time as lieutenant governor, she spearheaded a campaign to combat sexual assault across college campuses.

In the past, she’s faced substantial criticism from Democrats ffor opposing immigrants’ rights to obtain driver’s licenses — a view she allegedly no longer holds.

Regarding the sexual harassment allegations, Hochul deemed Cuomo’s behavior as “repulsive.”

“Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace, and certainly not in public service,” she said.

Although Hochul ran alongside Cuomo in 2014, and then again in 2018, the two have not spoken since February.

Still, Cuomo expressed extreme confidence in Hochul’s ability to step into her new role.


“Kathy Hochul, my lieutenant governor, is smart and competent,” he said during his resignation speech. “This transition must be seamless. We have a lot going on. I’m very worried about the Delta variant, and so should you be, but she can come up to speed quickly.”

Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand told reporters that she, too, is confident in Kathy Hochul taking on this role.

Kathy Hochul, she said, “will be an extraordinary governor.”

Hochul, Gillibrand explained, “understands the complexities and needs of our state having been both a congresswoman and having been lieutenant governor for the last several years. She is ready and able and capable of being an extraordinary governor, and I look forward to supporting her and helping her as she turns towards governing our state in a very difficult and challenging time.”


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