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Infamous 'Transracial' Woman — Rachel Dolezal — Joins OnlyFans To Share Feet Pics, Hair Tutorials & More

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Rachel Dolezal OnlyFans

Rachel Dolezal has joined OnlyFans and will be sharing exclusive content with anyone will to subscribe.

If you were wondering where Dolezal — who is best known as a white woman who pretends to be Black — is now, you won't have to wait long to find out as she will be posting OnlyFans content soon.

In 2015, Rachel Dolezal made headlines when it was revealed that the former NAACP chapter leader was only pretending to be black by her parents.

Dolezal then dismissed their claims of pretending, saying that she identified as a black person as many labeled her "transracial". 

This led to her resigning from her position as head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, and being ousted from her other positions such as teaching at Eastern Washington University.  

Where is Rachel Dolezal now? 

Dolezal is making content on her YouTube channel, website and soon on OnlyFans after appearing to keep a low-profile since her 2015 controversy. 

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Rachel Dolezal will launch her OnlyFans on Sept 1. 

Dolezal joins stars like Bella Thorne as she revealed on Instagram that her OnlyFans will launch on September 1st with a “little something for (almost) everyone.”

She says that she’s excited to be creating content for the platform and she thanks her followers for their continued support of her.  She also hashtags with “#paying bills” and “#providing for my kids.”

Dolezal continues that she would love to eventually bring back the 15 college courses she used to teach and add new ones. Dolezal once taught Africana studies at Eastern Washington University before the 2015 scandal. 

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Rachel Dolezal will post 'foot pics' and 'fitness' content on OnlyFans.

On her OnlyFans profile, Dolezal lays out what she will post each day. 

On Monday, the theme is “Monday Motivation” where she will provide workout content. Specifically naming "squats" as part of her OnlyFans content.

On Wednesday, the theme is surrounding her work as a hair artist. She will provide content like conversations with her hair clients and also providing hair tutorials. These hair tutorials may be similar to the braiding tutorials that are on her Youtube account.

Friday Unwind promises a different style of paint and sip. Dolezal will paint and discuss her art and you can tag along with your own wine. 

Other content she promotes is pictures of her feet and "using stuff people buy from my Amazon wishlist, makeup tutorials, promotions of causes & care about, & maybe random tasteful other pics/vids."

Her monthly subscription fee is only $4.99 per month.

Rachel Dolezal has struggled to find a job since 2015.

Earlier this year, Dolezal appeared in a rare interview to discuss life after her scandal. 

“I started with applying for all of the things I was qualified for and after interviews and getting turned down, I even applied to jobs that didn’t even require degrees,” the former professor said.

She also said she applied to be a maid at a hotel, and for work at a casino, but “wasn’t able to get any of those jobs either.”

Dolezal possible earns money through her YouTube channel and also sells art and "Melanin Spectrum Dolls" on her website

Rachel Dolezal was accused of welfare fraud in 2019. 

Dolezal agreed to a plea deal and was ordered in 2019 to repay $8,847 and complete 120 hours of community service in order to avoid going to trial for welfare fraud. 

This comes after she was found to have not reported tens of thousands of dollars in income from her memoir “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World” in order to receive food and childcare assistance from the state of Washington.

Rachel Dolezal changed her name to Nkechi Diallo.

In 2017, Dolezal filed legal documents to change her name to Nkechi Diallo.

The name is of Nigerian origin despite Dolezal lack of biological connection to Africa. 

However, Dolezal does not use this chosen name on her website or social media and launched her OnlyFans under "Rachel Dolezal." 

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