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Arrest Made In 2012 Murder Of Faith Hedgepeth — 7 Chilling Details About Her Death & Final Voicemail

Photo: Facebook / Durham County Sheriff’s Office 
Faith Hedgepeth Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares

A suspect has been arrested in the murder of Faith Hedgepeth nine years after the cold case killing of the college student.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sophomore was found dead, covered in blood in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012.

Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of the 19-year-old.

What happened to Faith Hedgepeth?

Hedgepeth was found beaten, and possibly raped, in her apartment in a case that has baffled many and left countless unanswered questions.

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Here are 7 strange details about what happened to Hedgepeth that may finally be explained by Salguero-Olivares's arrest.

1. Faith Hedgepeth was killed with a bottle of rum.

Hedgepeth was reportedly bludgeoned to death with a bottle of rum that was found in her apartment. She died of severe head trauma.

Hedgepeth and her roommate had been out at a nightclub on the night of her death. The pair had returned home but Hedgepeth's roommate left to meet a friend at 4:25 am.

The door to their apartment was left unlocked and Rosario believed Hedgepeth was asleep when she left. 

When she returned home the next morning, she discovered Hedgepeth's body. 

2. Hedgepeth left a chilling voicemail on the night she was murdered.

A voicemail left by Hedgepeth the night she died may have recorded her last moments.

In the voicemail, a voice some believe to be Hedgepeth, along with two men and a woman, can be heard speaking.

Reports claim that one male is heard saying, “I think she’s dying,” to which another male replies, “Do it anyhow.”

Hedgepeth can be heared saying, “Ow! Help me!”

An analyst also claimed a male voice says "I can’t believe that you really did it, Rosie.” Some believe this is a nickname given to Hedgpeth's roommate Karena Rosario.

Police question if the call was made before or during her death, though. The voicemail was left at 1:23 a.m., several hours before the UNC student’s estimated time of death. She was reportedly at Thrill nightclub before she was killed, where the call may have been made.

3. She may have been raped.

Hedgepeth was found naked from the waist down, which indicates she may have been sexually assaulted.

“So Faith was found deceased, partially nude … There was a lot of blood in the bedroom, and she had suffered what appeared to be severe head trauma,” Chapel Hill Police Lt. Celisa Lehew told ABC News.

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“Faith was wrapped, partially, in a comforter that had been located on the bed. There was some blood splatter throughout the bedroom as well as where the pillow might be.

Police have yet to release whether she was raped or had consensual sex before she was killed.

4. Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares's DNA was collected from semen at the crime scene.


Semen was found at the crime scene, suggesting Hedgepeth was raped by her killer.

DNA was collected from the semen and has now been matched to Salguero-Olivares. Police have not reveal what led them to Salguero-Olivares.

“Hundreds of DNA samples” of men in Chapel Hill were analyzed yet no matches were found until now.

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5. A handwritten note was found on Faith Hedgepeth's bed.

A fast food bag with the words “IM NOT STUPID B****” and “JEALOUS” written on it in all caps was found at Hedgepeth’s apartment.

According to ABC News, the DNA found on the pen used to write the message matched that of the DNA collected from the Hedgepeth’s body.

6. Hedgepeth’s roommate’s ex was a person of interest.

One of the persons of interest in the case was Eriq Takoy Jones, the ex-boyfriend of Hedgepeth’s roommate, Karena Rosario.

Rosario had a restraining order against Jones, who had previously threatened her and had violent bouts of anger. One time he even said he would kill Hedgepeth if Rosario didn’t date him.

"Chapelboro" reports that the cover photo on Jones’ Facebook page before Hedgepeth's death read, “Dear Lord. Forgive me for all of my sins and the sins I may commit today. Protect me from the girls who don’t deserve me and the ones who wish me dead today.”

He also texted a friend asking for forgiveness for whatever he was about to do.

He was later ruled out as a suspect as his DNA did not match the DNA found in Hedgepeth’s apartment.

7. There is no known connection between Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares and Faith Hedgepeth. 

Police have not explained whether Hedgepeth knew her alleged killer.

"My son is not a murderer. I believe in my son. I believe it," Salguero-Olivares' mother told reporters in Raleigh. "He said he don't know the girl."  

Hedgepeth's mother has expressed gratitude at an arrest finally being made. 

"I didn’t do anything but cry and thank God and praise God," Connie stated, "When I cried, it was tears of joy, tears of relief knowing that someone had been arrested in the case."

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