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TikTok Users Are Basing Their Day Around Whether A Viral Dog Stands Up On His Own Or Not

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Meet Noodle The TikTok Pug With No Bones

Some people use their horoscope reading to predict what their day might look like. For others, their day is based on the mood of a 13-year-old pug on TikTok named Noodle.

Noodle captured the hearts of TikTok users after his owner created a game to play with the floppy pug that will predict what type of day it is going to be. 

What does 'No Bones Day' mean on TikTok?

The “No Bones Game”, which is played each morning, involves Noodle’s owner, Jonathan Graziano, lifting the pup from his bed to find out if he woke up with bones or not.

If he stands up on his own after being lifted, it’s a bones day, meaning that it’s going to be a great day.

But if the pug decides that standing up is just not in the cards for the day, then it’s a no bones day — meaning a rough day for everyone. 

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Bones days are often cause to celebrate for Noodle, Graziano and their 805 thousand followers. “It’s a bones day. You know what that means. You’ve got to treat yourself today,” Graziano cheered. “Bask in your good fortune and have a great weekend.” 

No bones days, on the other hand, give you full permission to do as Noodle does — flop back down in bed and try again tomorrow.

“It’s a no bones day, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” Graziano said. “I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities or activities if you don’t want to do them.” 

Noodle The Pug is now being used to predict TikTok's daily mood.

TikTok users have taken the idea of a pug who predicts the vibes for the day, and run with it. The hashtag #nobones has garnered over 46 million views since Graziano started the game in September. 

“Do I believe in astrology? No,” one user stated. “Do I believe in that dog, who predicts whether or not its gonna be a good day based on if they wake up with bones or not? Yes.” 

Another user made a TikTok in response to it being a no bones day saying, “Emailing my professor to inform him he made the honest mistake of scheduling our midterm on a no bones day.” 

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Jonathan Graziano has been welcoming the following with open arms and enthusiasm. “I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that [Noodle’s] body has become a harbinger of our collective truth,” the 30 year-old said in a “bones or no bones” video. 

“I’m beside myself,” he said, reacting to the countless videos reacting to “no bones” videos. “I’m having so much fun watching all of the stitches and looking at your mentions.” 

Graziano adopted TikTok’s favorite fortune teller from a shelter, and is an avid supporter of adopting animals (especially senior ones) instead of shopping for your newest family member. 

“I adopted Noodle when he was seven and half years old, and [Graziano and his roommate] learned very early on that when he doesn’t want to go on walkies he will not go on walkies,” he said of his lazy pup. 

In an interview with Bustle, Graziano explained the start of the “No Bones Game”. He explained how when he first got Noodle, he would pick the pug up and try to get him to move, and Noodle would simply flop back down in his arms. Eventually, Noodle’s lack of enthusiasm for movement led to Graziano and his roommate joking that the pup didn’t have bones at all. 

Along with being TikTok famous, Noodle also has 45 thousand followers on his Instagram page, @showmenoodz. The account features the “No Bones Game”, of course, but it also gives followers more behind the scenes Noodle content. Graziano has even begun to hint at the idea of Noodle merch for his loyal followers. 

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