More Than 50% Of People In 17 States Consider Themselves 'Booze Fit'

Did your state make the cut?

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One thing many understand in life and that is when you drink hard one night you wake up with regrets, nausea, and a torturous headache. It’s a fact of life. However, there are some people who evade this post-drinking ritual.

You’ve heard the phrase “work hard, play hard” but have you heard of the newest term floating around the country that describes those few lucky people? It’s called being booze fit.


That’s right. It’s an actual term people are using to describe themselves.

What does it mean to be "booze fit"?

So what does the term actually mean? And is it just a joke?

Being booze fit is basically being able to function properly whilst drinking hard. These people can go with little sleep after having a fun night shotgunning beers and hard liquor but be entirely untouched by hangovers the next day.

These people believe can drink and get back to their daily duties with seemingly no repercussions. No joke.

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A recent survey conducted by Greenhouse Treatment who asked 3,131 respondents has found some shocking revelations of the great US of A considering how many people in each state consider themselves to be booze fit. And you’ll never guess who came in first place.

Not only did the survey find out what state had the most people who considered themselves booze fit, but it also found ou that 9% of those who have the work hard play hard attitude feel like they wouldn’t be able to do it without alcohol.

The United States of America overall got the bronze worldwide in this survey.

The survey also found out that one in ten drinkers think that developing a tolerance to alcohol actually strengthens the body.


It’s almost like a superpower to booze fit people.

If the term is serious or just a joke is a little unclear. But with so many people already knowing what being booze fit means and being able to identify with it, one would say it could be serious but it’s probably a joking term to be used amongst friends or at parties.

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Top 10 States Most Likely To Drink Hard

1. Alaska.

This state rolled in a whopping 71% of its people considering themselves booze fit.

2. Iowa

Coming in at second place is Iowa with 62%.

3. Delaware

This small state comes in third with 60% booze-fit people.


4. Maine and Washington State (tie)

These two states tie for fourth place at 58%.

5. Vermont

The green mountain state had 57%.

6. Illinois and Pennsylvania (tie)

Sixth place also ends in a tie with two states at 56%.

7. Arizona

The state that the grand canyon calls home comes in seventh place at 55%.

8. Massachusetts, North Carolina, and North Dakota (3-way tie)

Eighth place has a three-way tie. These three states each came in with 53%.

9. Virginia and Texas (tie)

These two southern states both rolled in at 52%.


10. California

The golden state comes in tenth place with a little over half its people considering themselves to be booze fit at 51%.

If your state didn’t make the top ten check out the survey to see what percent it got.

Please drink responsibly.

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