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TikTok 'Beaning' Trend Prompts Police Warnings About Canned Beans Purchases

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Bean Bandits Tiktok

If you don't feel old yet, here's something that just might do the trick — "egging" and "ding dong ditch" (or "knock knock ginger" as it's known in the UK) are officially things of the past. 

Now, it's "beaning" that's become trendy, and it's gotten so bad that law enforcement is interfering.

What is beaning on TikTok?

The viral TikTok "beaning" trend consists of pouring canned beans onto someone's property & fleeing the scene.  

The trend appears to date back to April when a TikTok account called "The Bean Bandits" posted a video captioned, "We beaned someone's front door." The video shows several people opening numerous cans of beans and dumping them onto someone's doorstep. 

The trend's circulated throughout the platform under multiple hashtags including "#beanbandits," "#getbeaned," and "#beanattack."

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However, it's not just doorsteps that are being targeted — other property including cars, driveways, and even public toilets are getting "beaned." 

The beaning TikTok trend has had a revival after a new "Bean Bandits" video. 

In a now-deleted Tiktok that was originally uploaded on August 31st, the same account posted a second video depicting yet another "bean attack."

Prior to being taken down, it boasted over 1.3 million views and had amassed nearly 200,000 likes. 

Police in the UK are trying to stop 'Beaning.' 

According to the Manchester Evening News, law enforcement is attempting to curb the pranking by issuing a warning to shopkeepers and parents, advising them to keep an eye on any teens purchasing large amounts of beans.

Places that have been targeted will also be seeing an increase in local patrolling officers. 

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'Beaning' has garnered mixed reviews from users on TikTok. 

While some find the new trend amusing, others are voicing their disapproval of the trend. 

Underneath the original "Bean Bandits" video, a user named tristen wrote, "Imagine how upset you'd be if you was going to work, walked out the front door and stepped on 19 diff types of beans." 

"Bro idc if its a joke, imagine having to clean that up, y'all extra ash," commented another. 

Not all TikTok users agree that "beaning" is an inconsiderate act, as someone defended the prank saying, "Y'all it took the people prolly 5 min out of the BILLIONS of minutes in their lives to clean up the beans GET OVER YOURSELVES."

Heinz Baked Beans says they are "appalled" by the viral trend. 

Nigel Dickie, a spokesperson for Heinz UK, said, "We are appalled to waste beans like this when Beanz Meanz More and we know that one in five kids arrive at school too hungry to learn."

"It’s why we are donating three million kids meals to our charity partners Magic Breakfast when you buy Heinz Beanz in Tesco stores. They are too good to waste.”

While a nuisance, the trend also has consequences that are far more serious. 

According to Becky Williams, a veterinary nurse from Nantwich, Cheshire, "beaning" is dangerous to man's best friend. 

"Baked beans may contain onion and garlic, which is toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure, which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort," said Williams. 

"They're also high in sugar, which can upset dogs with pre-existing conditions like diabetes. The high fat levels can trigger a pancreatitis flare, especially in dogs that have had it or are prone to it." 

Williams also explained that when beans develop mold, the mycotoxins that are released can even cause fatal seizures in dogs. She added, "I'd really urge people considering taking part in this trend to think about the effects it could have. It might give you a laugh for 10 minutes, but it could land someone's dog in the vets."

Let's retire the beans, folks. 

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