'Time Traveler From 2714' Warns People About 3 Dates In September

Will these predictions come true?

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If there's one thing TikTok teaches us time and time again, it's to never underestimate the popularity of conspiracy theories.

Or more specifically, how easy it is to garner a following by either creating or promoting such content. 

Just last month, people on the app were convinced that Kanye West was fully partaking in "soul-sucking Satanic rituals.

Now, it's a series of doomsday dates that someone from the year 2714 is apparently warning us about. 


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A TikTok 'Time Traveler' is predicting future events.  

The account @aesthetictimewarper lists their name as "Aery Yormany" and is full of videos featuring dramatic captions, shots of outer space, and ominous music. 

"I am here to help humanity, there is a lot you need to know…" reads the description, followed by a less forbidding, "Face reveal at 1M." 

As of right now, the account currently has 933.2k followers. 

In a video posted earlier this month, Yormany lists three dates to remember, insisting that the information "proves" they're from 2714.


Yormany predicted an alien abduction on September 11. 

One of Yormany's captions reads, "9/11: An alien takes 4000 skilled workers and children to the planet Proxima B, as a result of another hostile species coming here."

Inevitably, this did not happen — or if it did the aliens have managed to keep it very hush-hush — but the account does have some other predictions. 

The account claims there will be a hurricane on September 14. 

The second claim is, "9/14: The largest hurricane in history hits the US East Coast, mainly South Carolina, making it the first Category 6 Hurricane."

Now, it is hurricane season and South Carolina does commonly get storm in September but there is no sign of a category 6 storm brewing. 


Here's hoping this one won't come true. 

A talking chimp will appear on September 26, the page claims. 

And finally, "9/26: A chimpanzee is able to talk because of a mutation in its vocal cords, it has mysterious things to say." 

We'll have to just wait and see, I guess!

They've also listed warnings for other dates, such as a "mysterious" figure appearing on our TV screens on December 16th, 2021.

Additionally, they claim humans will be able to talk to the dead in 2029 through virtual reality - but it's worth mentioning this feat was already achieved in 2020 by a tear-jerking South Korean documentary

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Other users are having fun with these "predictions."

Reassuringly, it appears that other TikTok users are skeptical about the validity behind the claims.

Many in the comments are pointing out there was no mysterious alien-napping of humans on 9/11, and that "Category 6" hurricanes simply don't exist on the scale. 

In response to the claims that aliens have seized 4,000 people, Tiktoker user mendez57 joked, "can you take me I owe the irs and credit card bill is high." 


Another pointed out, "Why would a species smarter than us need skilled workers?" 


Or a better question yet: does "Aery Yormany" not know about the "time travel rule" saying you can't change the past? Or are there no films warning against that in the year 2714?

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