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Middle School Teacher Locks Child In Closet & Refuses To Open Door As He Begs To Be Let Out

Photo: Reddit
Student locked in closet video

In the Jackson County Central School District in Minnesota, a video was taken showing a student locked in the classroom closet by a couple of chairs.

Another student decided to film the incident as the classroom laughed along and the teacher forbade other students to help the child out of the closet.

The video shows a teacher refusing to let the middle school student out of the closet.

During the video, a young girl approached the closet, talking to the child trapped inside and knocking on the door when the teacher goes “No, no, no, no, no; uh huh.”

“I’m not even doing anything,” the young girl claims before walking away from the closet doors.

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The 54-second clip was originally posted on Facebook but made waves all over social media, eventually being reposted to other platforms like Reddit.

In it, you can hear and see the child locked in the closet attempting to get out, but the other kids laugh as they watch and the teacher continues to refuse the student’s freedom.

“He’s stuck in the closet,” one student can be heard saying.

The student in the closet can be heard knocking from the inside, asking “Can I have help?”

This only furthers the laughter in the room as other students watch on in amusement.

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Online, social media users reacted in horror as the video circulated.

Many people asked what the child could have possibly done to land him in the closet in the first place, but others retorted that it didn’t matter what the child did — no one deserves to be locked in the closet.

“If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of kids being conditioned that abusing others is normal and funny,” one Reddit user observed.

Someone else claimed that they heard someone say “don’t let him out.”

Others said that the worst part of the video wasn’t even the fact that he was in the closet in the first place, but that everyone around him was laughing and behaving cruelly.

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Local news covered the incident that allegedly occurred in September but resurfaced in October.

“The Jackson County Central School District is investigating an alleged classroom incident involving a student apparently locked in a closet,” Jackson County Pilot reported.

“In a statement issued Tuesday, Barry Schmidt, superintendent of schools at JCC, said the incident allegedly took place last month, though the district only became aware of it recently.”

They asked for patience as the investigation continued, claiming that they placed the teacher on administrative leave the moment they were made aware of the situation.

Schmidt claimed that they were taking “these matters seriously,” and that the health and safety of students was “one of the top priorities of the district.”

He also pleaded with the public to “please not share these types of videos or discuss these matters online due to the reputations of the students and staff members who may have been involved in these matters.”

There has been no further update on the status of the teacher involved in the video.

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