Mom Beats Up Mother Of Daughter's Bully & Plans To Do It Everyday Until Bullying Stops

She took matters into her own hands.... literally.

woman talking to camera Naquavia Brown/TikTok

As a mom, protecting your little ones is your top priority. You can’t shield them from everything, but you definitely try.

This is especially the case when a child is being bullied like TikToker, Naquavia Brown’s daughter. The woman took to TikTok to share what happened when she took her frustrations out on the bully’s mom.

As she starts the video, the words, “Was I Wrong?” are captioned across the top. Naquavia begins by saying that her daughter was being bullied at school for a couple of months.




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The mother decided to beat up the mom of her daughter's bully.

Brown's daughter didn’t initially tell her mom what was going on because according to her, Brown “reacts different” than her dad does. Instead, she shared the harassment she was enduring with her father. But her desire to keep her mom unaware of the bullying was futile because dad, of course, shared what was going on ay school with Brown.


Like any good parent, she planned a meeting with the child who was bullying her little girl and that child’s mother to set things straight. Brown told them that her own child would not be attending the meeting because she was "so affected by this whole situation."

She goes on to tell viewers that the bully’s mother was “ghetto” and “ratchet” and said, "Are we really in here arguing about a bald-headed little—." Before the other woman, who clearly taught her daughter everything she knows, could finish, Brown says she “popped” her. Brown's daughter has alopecia so the mother's cruel comment was absolutely the final straw. But she didn’t stop there.

Next, she turned to the child and said, “I will beat your mama’s a— every day just to show you that she can’t even defend you from me.” She continued, warning the child, “Put your hands on my child one more time… Who [are] you gonna call? You better call your daddy, but her [Brown's daughter] daddy can fight real good.”

Brown then explained that the child who had spent months bullying her daughter was scared straight. She hasn’t had any problems at the school since the meeting.


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In the end, she offers some advice, “Y’all gotta start beating the parents up in front of their children so the children know to leave people alone, ‘cause their mama can’t help them.”

There was no word on how the bully’s mother responded to being popped, but viewers found Brown's actions hilarious.

There were almost 36,000 comments on the post with most co-signing the mother’s actions that she took to stop her daughter from being bullied. She defended herself from critics who called her a bully in a follow-up video saying she faced no repercussions from her daughter's school or from the police.




We can all agree that violence should be avoided at all costs, but in this case, it seems that the only avenue Brown saw for resolution was to slap some sense into the girl’s mom. Whether you approve of the mom’s actions or not, you can admit that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and parents should be held accountable for their minor children’s actions.

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