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Photo Of Cops 'Bragging' About Arresting People For Stealing Diapers & Cough Medicine Stirs Debate

Photo: Twitter
nypd arrest people for stealing diapers and cough medicine

NYPD recently received backlash due to a photo they posted on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet.

The police force were quick to remove the post that was originally shared to the verified account, NYPD News, however that hasn’t stopped internet users from commenting about it and sharing their outrage.  

The police were celebrating the arrest of people who stole diapers and cough medicine.

In the photo, three cops can be seen posing for the picture along with all the stolen items that were seized which included diapers and cough medicine.

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The NYPD claimed that they had arrested 12 people and the stolen goods amounted to $1,800.

The tweet also read, “The arrests made led to the closure of 23 warrants & the recovery of $1800 worth of merchandise.” 

Many people accused the cops of being cruel for making the arrests and bragging about it on social media instead of being sensitive towards people who would need to steal these items. 

One user commented, “Something is fundamentally wrong when basic necessities are stolen & it is a big bust."

They also accused the cops of stealing from babies. Users thought that the babies who need the diapers wouldn't have them and the people who stole these items were just desperate parents.

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A reporter, who claims to have looked into the arrests, says that two of the suspects arrested were homeless. 

However, some internet users also supported the police claiming they were just doing their job.

One user commented, “Stealing is wrong. Absolutely wrong. Period. No matter the reason it's wrong. My family lived in poverty for years and we never felt the need to steal. Stealing is wrong.” 

Some people wrote that the people who steal these items don't need it for themselves, but rather resell it.

Another user commented, "I feel bad for those who cannot afford the basic necessities but you can see these same items for sale at any flea market. Some people steal these items to resell at flea markets."

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. The Winter Haven police department in Florida has also received backlash on social media. 

When a man had stolen diapers and wipes from Walmart, the police posted pictures of the man from the store’s CCTV on their Facebook page. They were hoping to get some information about the man.

However, internet users flooded the post with comments criticizing the police for publicizing such a small issue. 

The people felt it was unfair to the man and that he might have just needed some help. 

The police department even received numerous phone calls from people offering to pay for the man’s diapers and wipes. 

Eventually, the police announced that they wouldn't be arresting him and instead offered him any assistance he may need.

The crime of stealing diapers has had an impact on stores as well.

In a viral TikTok video, a Walmart employee guided a family to the baby formula that was locked up. 

The TikToker claimed even after they got the formula, they were escorted to the cash counter by the employee. They criticized Walmart for doing such a thing as they weren’t even able to finish their shopping.

While many internet users also criticized Walmart for this, many users thought the people who steal those items are to be blamed. 

One of the commenters was a former Walmart employee explaining why they do this. They said that when the formula is stolen, people try to return it without a receipt. That affects Walmart employees.

While stealing baby formula or cough medicine shouldn't be seen as a heinous crime, it probably isn't a good idea to throw a blind eye to it. 

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