Uvalde Police Officers Allegedly Saved Their Own Kids From Robb Elementary Before Stopping Shooter

Police were outside the school for up to an hour before stopping the shooter.

Police Admit To Saving Their Children Before Stopping Shooter At Uvalde Shooting Twitter/YouTube

As details emerge about the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, police officers are facing backlash for what appears to be a slow response to reports of an active shooter on campus.

Reports state that police took up to an hour to stop the alleged shooter, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, by which time 19 children and two teachers were already killed.

This was after a 911 call had been made by Ramos' grandmother after she was allegedly shot by Ramos at home, before he left for the school.


Shortly after that, another call was later made by someone who saw a crashed vehicle near the school and a person with a rifle going into the school.

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While the police went to the scene soon after, it took them a while to go into the school.

A Uvalde police officer suggested some cops saved their own children from Robb Elementary School before the shooter was stopped.

The officer said, “There [were] some police officers, families trying to get their kids out of school because it was an active shooter situation.”


He said, “It’s a terrible situation right now and just as we mentioned the loss of life. It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy that took place.”

It is unclear of the exact timeline, but the reports suggest that police officers rescued their own children before stopping the shooter.

Parents begged police officers to enter Robb Elementary School to stop the shooter.

As the news of the shooting reached the parents, many rushed to the school and reportedly found police gathered outside, waiting to organize a tactical team.

Witnesses claim officers gave conflicting explanations about needing help unlocking a door even though the shooter had already entered.


Video shows devastated parents pleading with officers to enter the school as the cries and screams of the children could be heard inside.

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In an attempt to calm all the parents, one of the police officers claimed that they were trying to do something and that some of the men were going inside.


"We got guys going in to get kids. They're working," said one of the officers on the scene.

Police officers were outside the school for up to an hour before storming inside and killing the shooter.

Lt. Chris Olivarez also talked about police officers trying to get into the school. When the police officers reached the school, the shooter had barricaded himself in the school while opening fire on the teachers and students. 

"There was not sufficient manpower at that time, and their primary focus was to preserve any further loss of life," he said.

"They started breaking windows around the school and trying to rescue, evacuate children and teachers while that was going on." 


It was about an hour before the police forced themselves inside the classroom and killed the shooter. 

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