Families Furious After Police Escort Students Out Of Graduation For Celebrating Their Diplomas

These parents don't think schools should punish their students for celebrating on their graduation day.

A police officer escorts a student out of their graduation ceremony and families argue with police officers @nursebabe_rissa / Tiktok

Parents at a high school graduation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were left shocked and upset after police officers lined the auditorium to stop students from dancing after walking the stage.

Family members shared a video of the contentious situation at McKinley High School's senior graduation ceremony during which students were escorted away from the ceremony after displaying a celebratory dance upon receiving their diplomas. 


The Louisiana high school had police officers at the ready to stop any dancing graduates.

In one instance, the officer pulls a student by the collar after they danced off the stage and another officer tugged on the back of a student’s graduation gown before ushering the teen out.

"You got police grabbing on these people kids," one user wrote. "This principal needs to be replaced immediately."

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Much of the video's comment section agreed that the school should 'let them dance' at their own graduation. Additionally, many users disapproved of the school officials for attempting to prevent their students from celebrating their academic achievements. “It’s graduation, why are the administrators acting this way? For some of these kids, high school grad may be one of their biggest life achievements.” 


graduates tossing up their caps and diplomasPhoto: Anel Alijagic / Shutterstock

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Another user replied, “This is a milestone for these kids and their families. How you gonna police joy at a joyous occasion???” 

Several students danced on in spite of the strictly enforced rule but that only escalated the situation further, as can be seen in another video from the event.


In a separate video, a recording revealed a moment where the school's principal interrupted the ceremony by scolding the graduates for dancing at a "dignified event" and that "all those that want to dance can go sit with their parents." In this video, audience members appear to be jeering the principal — even other school staff members laugh in the background as the principal attempts to corral the group. The user who posted the video jokes that the principal was "being a hater."



While most families and commenters praised the recent graduates for continuing to dance even if it meant they’d get removed from their seats, others felt the gesture lacked "decorum" and that there is a time and place for these things.

A user wrote, "Do you not know that when these kids do this other kids' families cannot hear their name!? And it makes this costly event longer!!"


At the end of the day, most agree that it’s only natural to cheer yourself on after having accomplished something as significant as receiving a diploma, but it's also important not to outshine other people's accomplishments in the process!

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