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Mom Slammed For Making Her 4-Year-Old Buy Her New Makeup After She Destroyed Hers

Photo: TikTok
Destroyed makeup, 4-year-old daughter buying new makeup

One mother on TikTok taught her 4-year-old daughter a lesson by making her buy new makeup but wound up drawing criticism online.

The mother started her TikTok video by showing glimpses of destroyed makeup alongside the caption, “My 4-year-old ruined my new makeup…”

Makeup can be expensive and frustrating to replace so, in order to make sure her daughter wouldn't do this again, the mom decided to teach the little one a valuable lesson.

The mom decided to take her daughter to 'buy' her new makeup.

In the TikTok video, Rosie Vaughan shows how she decided to take away her daughter's toys and then bring her daughter to the makeup store.



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She shows how she put money in her daughter's purse before heading to the store.

“And made her replace what she had ruined with her ‘own money,'” Vaughan adds.

“A valuable lesson was [learned] today. She will earn her toys back with good [behavior] and caring for other people’s things,” she writes at the end of her video.

The punishment is a great example of creating a relevant repercussion for a child's action — but some TikTok users didn't see it that way.

One user wrote, “I personally would have explained why she can’t do that and told her to ask next time she wants messy play.”

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Another user wrote, “Honestly I think this would be an okay consequence if she was…older? At four, I don’t think she’d know much better.”

One person wrote, “My parents did this as one of my punishments and it just gave me trauma.”

The mother posted another video in response to all the criticism.

After reading the numerous comments on her previous video, the mother posted another video justifying her discipline strategy.



“All children are different. All parents are different and the fact that a mother on TikTok is getting slated for something relatively minor is just pathetic,” Vaughan said.

She stated that she didn’t take away all of her daughter’s toys and that she still had some toys to play with. She even admitted that it also helped her daughter play more peacefully with less toys.

“I’m sorry that so many of you have childhood trauma," Vaughan adds said in response to her critics, "But, quite frankly, I don’t think that is specifically from your mommy taking your barbies away from you. It’s probably a lot of other things as well.” 

While there were many who slammed the mother, many people thought that the mother’s idea of disciplining her daughter was great and applauded her.

One user wrote, “I love the idea of having her replace what she broke… no different from having your kid help clean up something they spilled.”

Another person commented, “This is the best way to discipline, teaching them rather than punishing them, it also helps you learn to be calm and collected when they do such thing.”

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