Woman Says Her Mother ‘Took’ Her Husband & Custody Of Her Children After Months-Long Affair

She was pregnant when her mother took her husband.

TikToker Leandra Zimmerman Shares Story Of How Her Mother Took Her Husband And Children TikTok

TikToker, Leandra Zimmerman shared her story in a TikTok video about how her mother took her husband and children from her, winding up in a relationship with the father of her children.

Zimmerman started by explaining that she was 21-years-old, her husband was 24-years-old and her mother was 41-years-old when it happened.

Zimmerman and her husband had started dating when she was 15-years-old. Since he was also her brother’s best friend, he was quite close to her family.


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She also mentioned that before they started dating, he would often comment on how attractive her mom was. However, many of her male friends did the same, so she didn’t think much of it then. 

She further explained that she had been pregnant with their third child at the time. She was five months pregnant when her water broke so she had to be hospitalized and was on bed rest for a while.

Her mother took her husband and children from her while she was pregnant.



Zimmerman’s husband was in the military, so there wasn’t anyone to take care of her children while she was in the hospital. She then called her mother and asked her to come and help her with the children.


Zimmerman mentioned that she noticed something was going on while in the hospital as her husband would often make excuses not to visit her.

When she returned home, she knew something was wrong as her husband and mother were quite comfortable with each other.

She even confronted her mother about it, however, she denied it. Zimmerman knew her mother had been lying at that point but she still let it go. Zimmerman felt that maybe she was just being insecure.

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Her mother flew back home, however, problems started rising between the couple. Zimmerman once received a letter from an attorney. The letter included a receipt for $2,000 and mentioned that the payment was for child custody legal action.


She even called her mother and told her that she wanted to take the children as she was afraid of losing them, however, her mother convinced her not to. One day, when Zimmerman woke up, her children were gone.

Zimmerman’s mother and husband had been conspiring to take the children from her for months.

She mentioned that her mother had been unhappy in her marriage so she had an affair with her husband.

She said, “In the months that they were talking together, they mustered up a plan to have a life together, to get a place together, to take the children, to file for custody and use my mental health as a reason to do so.”

In another video, she talked about how her husband had completely abandoned her. He cut off her bank accounts and phone. In addition, she was pregnant and didn’t have a job. 




When she tried to explain to the court that her husband and mother had been having an affair, no one believed her.

As Zimmerman had no means to take care of herself or her children and her mental health had been given a lot of attention, she seemed to be in the wrong.  

Soon after, the court ordered her mother and her husband to separate.

When her mother and husband were engaged, they started to announce their relationship to the people around them. 


Zimmerman said, “In one of our court dates, the judge asked him if he was in a relationship with my mother and he pled the fifth.” 

The judge then asked them to separate or else the mother would go to jail and her husband’s commander would be contacted.

Zimmerman also mentioned that she got her children back from her husband, however, that took four years.




She also talked about how she wasn't able to see her kids for months in the beginning as her mother and husband had kept them away from her.

She further mentioned how her mental health had taken a toll in those four years. However, she is in a much better place now and much happier with her children. 

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