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Man Claims He Was Sent To Prison For 19 Years For Killing His Sister's Alleged Sexual Abuser When He Was 12

Photo: scream.colt / TikTok
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TikTok user TheColt3.0 posted a TikTok claiming he was in prison for 19 ½ years for killing his sister’s alleged rapist. 

Colter Thomas says he was 12 years old when his 14-year-old sister came home with blood on her jeans and said that their family friend Carl had raped her.

Thomas then claims to have called four of his friends and grabbed a crowbar and a baseball bat and went to Carl’s house. Carl died from the injuries three days later in the hospital. 

He was sentenced to 19 years in prison for killing the alleged rapist.

Thomas was later charged with battery with attempt to commit a serious felony. Thomas was released from prison seven years ago.

However, his story has been met with mixed of people calling him a hero, and some saying the murder wasn’t justified. 

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Thor Straume commented, “you got 19 years when you were 12 for that thats mind blowing man thats just not fair there’s some youth do have murder charges that get like 5 to 10 year.” 

Currently, juveniles usually faces the adult criminal justice system when charged with murder. Although unintentional death does not consititute murder, it could have similar charges of manslaughter.

This makes it incredibly important for juvenile cases to be reviewed for circumstances. 

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, of the 43,000 confined youth, more than two-thirds are 16 years old and over, and over 500 are no more than 12 years old.

At the time of the survey, 13 percent of children 12 or under are held in these facilities for more than 6 months. 25 had already been there for over a year. 

Thomas was placed in a maximum security juvenile facility and was later transferred to prison when he was 16 years old.

Many have debated whether the killing was justified. 



Another supporter named Helene said “you should have been financially compensated not imprisoned.” 

Thomas replied to the comment in a video and said he doesn’t believe he should get payment for it because when you have family and friends you “just have their back.”

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But many users have claimed he was not justified in the killing. 

TikTok user Austin N Rood said “Murder isn't justice."

But Thomas clapped back in a video stating, “I’d love to see a brother who has a sister, older or younger and this happened to their sister and them explain to their little sister when they say, ‘help me brother, I don’t know what to do’ and you explain this to them.” 

Another commenter suggested “No taking a human life isn’t bragging rights. That wasn’t heroic.”

However, Thomas said his sister looked relieved when she realized her sexual abuser couldn’t do that again. He ended by saying, “to each their own if that ever happens to you, you know what I mean I guess we’ll just leave it be.” 

Thomas continues to be outspoken on TikTok that he doesn’t regret what he did with videos of him claiming he would do it again and videos of him making jokes that the alleged rapist Carl deserved to die. 

Although his account has been met with a lot of controversy he currently has over 100,000 followers on the app and a few of his videos explaining his story have received over a million views. 

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