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Man Creates App To Figure Out When Couples Broke Up Based On Their Social Media Activity

Photo: TikTok
Images from Keiser's TikTok describing his app

TikTok is losing its mind due to one of the latest videos to go viral.

TikToker Ethan Keiser has created and posted about a new app that he’s created — one that monitors couples and notifies him when they’ve broken up.

The TikTok that showcases his questionable creation has gone completely viral, counting in with nearly 4 and a half million views within little over a week.



The app figures out when couples broke up based on their social media activity.

Look we've all been there. You're cyberstalking a couple for months and then all of a sudden they go silent on cutesy posts and comments.

Did they break up or are they choosing to be more private? Who knows. 

For most of us the mystery ends there. But Keiser needs answers, so he made an app that would get him those answers.

Keiser created the new app in reaction to a once-popular TikTok sound that says, “Did anyone else plan on staying single after their toxic ex, but ended up finding their soulmate?”

He wondered, out of these couples, who would still be together six months later?

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In the video, he says, “Of the 500 most popular videos, I tracked the soulmates’ relationships on Instagram. And what I found is a game changer.”

How does the app work?

The app, which Keiser wrote himself and named “Rebound,” can track in real time if people are following each other on Instagram.

If the couple breaks up and unfollow each other on Instagram, users of the app receive a notification immediately.

Any relationship someone wants to track can be “subscribed” to on the app, but for Keiser’s test, he followed the “soulmates” who uploaded the top TikToks with the popular sound.

The results do not exactly restore our faith in true love.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the couples who once declared themselves soulmates did not last the 24 weeks.

According to Keiser in his TikTok, “nearly 40% of the relationships that were soulmates broke up within 24 weeks.”

In the text of his video he even added, “Moral of the Story: You don’t know who your soul mate is until you’re 60.”

However, the app has an alternative intention beyond simply keeping track of couples, one that has many people concerned.

By knowing when the couples break up, the app is meant to help the user be the “rebound.”

As you might have guessed by the name of the app, the reasoning behind the code Keiser wrote is actually to give its users a chance to reach out to someone they are interested in immediately after they break up with their significant other.

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When Keiser got notifications of a recent breakup from his app, he went to their Instagram DMs, and sent them a nice message.

According to Keiser, “30% of them responded to my DMs.”

Finally, he closes out the video by stating, “Not only were most of them not soulmates, they were also already moving on, responding to DMs.”

The comments were full of mixed emotions about this new app.

Some seemed excited, eager to share how they signed up for the app via his shared link.

One commentor even mused, “Why didn’t they teach me this in computer science?”

However, while most commentors were at least amused by the idea of the app, several of the most liked comments were concerned about it as well.

Both of the most liked comments were at least mildly critical of Keiser and his new app, one urging Keiser to “just solve world hunger,” and the next pointed out that the app “is top tier nosy.”

Commentors had much else to say, but ultimately the app has been created and is even free to sign up for.

It does seem to show a certain disregard for privacy, even if it’s all public information that people are subscribing to be notified about.

It will be  interesting to see how this app plays out; especially with the virality of his video introducing it, the app has probably already been downloaded many times over.

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