Man Ghosts Date After She Said Her Ex Was Abusive Because He Was A Gemini, Sparking Debate

Sorry, Geminis

TikToker, Gemini sign TikTok

Anyone who's interested in astrology is guilty of using zodiac signs to explain or rationalize certain behaviors.

But sometimes, blaming toxic traits on a person's sign is just too far. In fact, for one TikTok user, it was enough to make him walk out of a date.

The TikToker claims he left a date after a woman blamed her ex's abusive behavior on him being a Gemini. 

In the clip posted by @stitch.koolaidd, he tells the story of how he just walked out on his date, saying she blamed her ex's star sign for his abusiveness towards her. 


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"As we're sitting and talking, I'm noticing she's lacking principles and whatnot, probably not going to hit her up after this," he begins his story. 


He then explains it's what she said afterward that caused "the nail in the coffin."

She starts to talk about her ex-boyfriend.

The man said it's no problem if you want to talk about your past, but it's what she said about her ex that had him feeling a little worried.

"She says her ex was a gangsta dude, like he used to beat on her, rape her, cheat on her, all that stuff. Me I'm feeling bad, I wish that on no girl," he says. 

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She then says, "It's cool because I feel like that was God's way of telling me the type of dudes I should stay away from, and I instantly agreed to say 'Yeah, them gangsta dudes sometimes they not good for you.'"


She cuts him off, saying no, she likes gangster dudes, "I just can't mess with another Gemini cause they're toxic."

Comments all agreed that his decision to walk out was the smart thing.

At the end of his video, the man says, "You think Gemini is the reason for that s--t!? Gemini don't got s--t to do with that! I told her I had to go use the bathroom and I literally left like I can't do it wit yall, bro." 

Comments in his video all agree what he did was a smart move. "Not blaming their actions on a zodiac sign.. I would've left too," one comment reads.

"She blamed that on his sign... Ahh I see the mall is open, but ain't nobody in there shopping," reads another.


Others, though, said maybe he should've told her he wasn't interested, "Not a bad person, but you could've told her that you're no longer interested & leave instead of ghosting," said one comment, but he did respond by saying he had to handle an emergency.

He cleared the air in the comments by saying he paid for the meal, but some people don't believe him while others said he shouldn't have.

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