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Woman Receives Rude Messages From Man Calling Her ‘Fat’ — So She Sent Them To His Fiancée

Photo: TikTok
TikToker sends man's rude messages to his fiancee

A woman on TikTok showed why it's important to be respectful when trying to slide into someone’s DMs.

The woman, who goes by the username pcossupportgirl on TikTok, posted a video on Sunday that showed her interactions with a man who initiated contact via Instagram direct messages.

When the conversation took a turn, she decided to let the person closest to him know what his true colors were.

The TikToker ended up sending the man's rude messages to his fiancee.

The man began the conversation by trying to get on her good side.

“U are totally perfect I would do anything to get to know you like fr,” he said.



Seeing his intentions as clear as day, she then thanks him for the kind words but says she isn’t looking for anything at the moment.

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“That’s very kind! But I am really interested or available at the moment,” she said. “Have a good day!”

Rather than listen to her and leave the conversation respectfully, he chose to do something that always works well when getting rejected, doubling down. He wrote back to her, “I’d treat u real nice” in the following message.

She then reaffirmed that she did not want anything more to do with him.

“I’m sure you believe that! But again, I am not available nor interested,” she said.

Having failed to attract her interest twice now, he resorts to calling her names in a vain attempt to hurt her for daring to not be into him.

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“Fr? Ur lucky someone like me would even think about touching your b**** a***,” he said.

Obviously not accepting any insults from a thirsty internet stranger, she delivers a clap back for the ages.

“I am most certainly a b****,” she said. “But you will not be touching any of me - including my a**. And you should save some a** and get out of my inbox before I show you what a b**** I can be!”

Soon after, she hatches a plan to make him really leave her alone.

She threatened to show his fiancee the horrible messages he had sent her. Just as he had prior, he reacted just perfectly to the idea.

“F*** u u fat b*** no need to get others involved,” he said.

In a follow-up video posted later the same day, the woman showed her 168 thousand TikTok followers what happened when she contacted the man’s fiancee. 



The woman begins the conversation by paying his fiancee a compliment. The fiancee says her thanks, but then wonders why she is messaging her. 

The woman then spills the tea, sending a scathing message along with screenshots of the messages he sent to her.

“So speaking of fires… Your fiancé is one - a dumpster fire,” she said. “Throw the whole man out hunny.”

The fiancee expresses her disbelief at what she is seeing and the woman offers some consoling.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “But honestly, you’re too hot for someone with bad manners and bad grammar. I won’t even touch the weird facial hair.”

The two then exchanged more messages of shock. The fiancee took note of his final comment about getting her into the situation by saying “INVOLVING OTHERS? I could die.” The woman then responds with a suggestion of her own.

“Nah if anyone's dying it’s your boo thang,” she said. “I’ll bring a shovel.”

Hopefully, the man learned his lesson from the situation and won’t harass women who clearly aren’t interested again — especially if you already have a partner.

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