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Woman Catches Man Trying To Cheat On Disabled Wife On Tinder — And Tells Her

Photo: vanessariley_hub / Tik Tok
Vanessa Riley TikTok

While scrolling through Tinder one day, Canadian TikTok user, Vanessa Riely, came across 44-year-old Chris from British Columbia's profile and was disgusted.

The married man, as stated in his bio, was looking for "a women that wants cheating husband for fun," because his "wife is disabled not getting what I need. Not looking for lot of women. Just the right fit fo me."

She took to TikTok to expose the man for trying to cheat on his disabled wife.

Riley has dedicated her TikTok to exposing  several men she has found on Tinder that are there to look for a woman to cheat on their wives with.

Credit: TikTok

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TikTok users have called her a 'queen' who is 'doing god's work.' 

She captioned her video calling out the British Columbia man on September 8th and captioned the video, "your internet big sis saving you from cheaters." 

Credit: TikTok

Riley was horrified with this man's bio so she wanted to find his wife and let her know what her husband has been doing.

In the video she posted screenshots of her conversation with his wife and when she found the wife's Instagram, she sent her a dm saying, "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think your husband is cheating on you. I saw his Tinder and recognized him from Instagram. Here’s his profile," and included a screenshot of his profile.  

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The wife was shocked in her response back to Riley.

She responded saying, "Oh my god, that's Chris. I honestly don't know what to say… I can't believe this. Thank u."

Riely responded to her saying, "If I can give you a bit of advice,' Vanessa replied, 'don't tell him you know yet. Get your ducks in a row, talk to a lawyer, figure out how to make his pockets HURT before you tell him."

People on TikTok were so disgusted with Chris's profile, commenting things such as "this is messed up," "his wife deserves better," and one even sharing their reaction as a fellow disabled person, "as a disabled person, this disgusts me. His wife deserves so much more, and I hope she has the independence that many of us don't to leave this guy."

Chris isn't the only one using Tinder to cheat on his partner.

After posting the TikTok exposing Chris, Riley posted several other TikToks exposing other married men she came across on Tinder and then direct messaging their wives to warn them about their husband's despicable behavior. 

All the men had something in common with their bios, they all wanted to "spice things up" and "have some fun" with ladies or look for a secret "discreet friend."

In her next video exposing men, she titled it, "Nancy Drew strikes again xoxo" as she posted more screenshots of another man's bio and then screenshots of texts between her and his wife.

The wife thanked Riley for reaching out to her, saying "Thank you for telling me. We were already having problems but I believe this is the final nail in the coffin."

Rileys top videos exposing men have both almost a million views and her account has 11k followers. 

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