5 Signs He Really DOES Love You — Even Though He Cheated

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It's over, isn't it?

He betrayed you in the worst way possible by having an affair. While cheating on you may make you feel like there is no way that he loves you, it's not always that clean cut.

Men cheat for many reasons and most of the time it's not because they don't love their partners. When you hear him say, "Please don't leave me ... I really do love you," take into account some of the signs that he is telling the truth.

1. He stops the affair. 

Knowing that you are about to leave him scares him so much that he stops the affair immediately. He doesn't want to lose you because you really are the one he loves.

2. He promises to do anything for you. 


It can be difficult for men to lay everything down on the line to win back your heart. If he truly breaks down and tells you he will do absolutely anything to have you back, you may have someone who truly does love you.

3. He seeks professional help. 

He wants to know why he had the affair and hurt the one person he loves most. To do this, he seeks counseling to help uncover the mystery, and show you that he is serious; he didn't cheat because he doesn't love you.

4. He admits his mistakes to others. 

Men don’t want to come clean about their mistakes. If he tells everyone how much he messed up, you know he regrets what he did.


5. He follows through with promises. 

If you’ve told him he must do a list of things to show you he truly loves you, and he does everything you ask, you know that he is committed to you ... and ONLY you.

It is hard to believe he didn’t cheat on you to hurt you, especially because YOU are so hurt. Some men truly don’t think about their significant others when they have an affair. It may not make any sense to you, and it may make you want to run far away from him so you never hurt again, but this is something to consider. If he truly didn't want to be with you, he wouldn't do everything above.

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