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Man Videos His Arrest At Gunpoint & Captures Police Officers Tasing Him After He Refuses To Stop Recording

Photo: TikTok
TikToker @MoMoIsPimpin

A video has gone viral on TikTok of a man being arrested and many are asking questions about the police officer’s conduct and the actions of the TikToker himself.

The original version of the video seems to have been taken down for a time but it is now available again. The TikToker reposted the video after it was initially taken down, in total, the video has over 20 million views despite a disturbing content warning on both copies of the video.

TikToker was arrested at gunpoint after being asked to step out of his car and refusing to put his phone down.

A TikToker with the username @MoMoIsPimpin recently posted a video of his arrest by police. It’s unclear exactly what led police to command the TikToker to step out of his car with their guns drawn, but whatever the situation was, the man started filming.

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In total, we only get a brief view of the events that took place leading up to the arrest of the man, but what can be seen in the video has lots of people talking online.

The TikToker started recording as police were yelling at him to step out of his car.

Given the stakes of the situation and the fact that the police had their guns drawn, the man seems like he did not want any confusion and called back to the police to ask if he could take off his seatbelt, which would have prevented him from getting out of the car as commanded.

After police confirmed that he could take off his belt, @MoMoIsPimpin followed the rest of the instructions and got out of the car facing away from the police with his hands up.

When the TikToker received his next instruction from the police, he said that he “can’t do that.”

Police told the man to put his phone down and the TikToker said that he couldn’t for the sake of his own safety.

The police, with their guns drawn and pointed at the man, continued to command him to put his phone down while he recorded the event.

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At the end of the one-minute and forty second long video, police approached the man with weapons drawn and tase him. The video ends as the police tackle the man to the ground and the phone goes tumbling.

Many are sharing their views on the actions of the man and the police.

Comments have been turned off on the two videos, but that hasn’t stopped the conversation online.

Most of the conversation online circulates around whether or not police were right to demand that the man put his phone down, or if that would have been an unreasonable request since it wouldn’t have interfered with the arrest.

Others have pointed out that one of the police officers in the video initially reached for his gun before switching to a taser upon realizing the man had a phone.

Many have argued that, under the First Amendment, the man had every right to record and there was no reason for the police officers to stop him.

@MoMoIsPimpin himself first asked the question in the description of the original video, asking, “Was I in the wrong at that moment being at gunpoint? He could’ve easily cuffed my wrists with the phone in hand…”

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