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Shrek & Ted Cruz Reported For Texas Abortion Violations On Anonymous Anti-Abortion Whistleblower Site

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Shrek & Ted Cruz Reported For Texas Abortion Violations On Anonymous Anti-Abortion Whistleblower Site

Brave and bold Pro-choice TikTokers, Twitter users, and Redditors, have banded together to protest Texas’ extreme abortion law by flooding an online whistleblower site with false reports of Shrek and Ted Cruz getting abortions.

The new law prohibits pregnant Texans from getting an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy prompting The Texas Right of Life, a right-wing anti-abortion group, to create a digital tipline that allows people to send anonymous information about potential violators of this corrupt law.

But not if these clever social media users have something to say about it.

Fake reports flooded Texas' abortion whistleblower sites.

Sean Black, TikTok creator and activist, wrote a computer code that inputs false data into the pro-life whistleblower website.

According to Black, 300 entries were input before the site blocked his IP address.

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"But then I started thinking, 'What if I made this a bit easier for everybody,'" Black said in his viral TikTok.

And thus, an iOS shortcut for Apple users that automatically fills in the website’s form was born. The code completes the form, randomly picks a Texas city, county, and zip code, and submits it.

"Because it uses realistic information,” Black said,  “it makes it harder for them to parse through the data.”

Users have been reporting Shrek and Ted Cruz to the Texas abortion watchdog.

"Ted Cruz had a recreational abortion in Cut and Shoot Texas," someone posted to Twitter, and he invited me to his "Fetus Deletus Party."

The Twitter user posted a screenshot of their “complaint.”

Under the form question, “How do you think the law has been violated?” they wrote, “Ted Cruz had a recreational abortion and I am very upset that he ate all of the fetal tissue without sharing it with the rest of our coven.”

“Wouldn’t it be so awful if we sent in a bunch of fake tips and crashed the site? Like, Greg Abbott’s butt stinks,” one TikToker said in a video that shows users how to file a false report.

Another Twitter filed another complaint about Ted Cruz. The location? Yee Haw, Texas.

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“Ted Cruz pees in his pants because he enjoys the warm feeling down his leg,” they wrote in the “how do you think the law has been violated” section.

“He just has that kinda look about him” is how the Twitter user obtained the evidence.

And the clinic or doctor this evidence relates to, of course, was reported to be “I mean he should probably see a therapist.”

On TikTok user uploaded Shrek memes to the website, claiming that the photos proved “My wife aborted our baby 4 weeks into her pregnancy without my consulting me.”

Fake reports are being filed against Greg Abbot and Texas infrastructure as well.

Another user claimed that they submitted a whopping total of 742 fake reports of Texas Governor Greg Abbott for receiving an illegal abortion.

“Alright y’all, we’re gonna mess with Greg Abbott and all of the other idiots that decided to outlaw abortion in Texas after six weeks,” another TikToker said in a video.

“Wouldn’t it be so awful if we sent in a bunch of fake tips and crashed the site,” the TikToker asked, “Like Greg Abbot’s butt stinks, spelled wrong of course because he deserves zero respect.”

Redditors submitted reports against the state of Texas, for having highways that allow people to travel to their procedure.

Turns out fight Draconian anti-abortion laws can actuallly be kind of fun!

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