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The Most Terrifying Tweets From Inside The Capitol During The Riots As Far-Right Mobs Stormed The Building

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Tweets From Capitol Riots

One year after the Capitol riots and it is easy to forget the terror felt by the entire nation as violent mobs stormed Congress.

While we all watched livestreams and news broadcast, the people inside the building were left fearing for their lives. Tweets from key political figures capture the gravity of that day.

What should have been a normal day at work turned into a life-threatening nightmare for staff at the Capitol as far-right rioters stormed their way into Congress.

Enraged Trump supporters responding to rally-cries from the President pushed past authorities to make their way into Capitol buildings on January 6, 2021.

This violent mob was protesting the 2020 presidential election results which Trump falsely claimed was rigged against him. 

While police failed to hold back rioters, senators, representatives, reporters, and staff within the Capitol sought out refuge under seats and in offices. 

Reports of gunshots and bomb scares alongside videos of protestors tearing their way through the building shook America and the world.

But for the people inside, hiding in fear, this attack on democracy was more than just a news story. 

Here are some tweets from inside a Capitol under siege that show just how terrifying the events of January 6th were.

Representative Ilhan Omar

The Democratic Minnesota representative told her followers, "I am safe but heartbroken" after sharing footage of rioters and protestors outside the Capitol. She later tweeted her hope that democracy would prevail after the riots were brought to an end. 

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Senator Chuck Schumer

The Senate's minority leader, Chuck Schumer wasn't afraid to call the events what they were: a domestic terrorist incident. He went on to call for Trump's immediate removal from office after the President encouraged these fatal protests. 

Representative Elaine Luria

Luria, a navy veteran described being forced to evacuate her office due to fears of a bomb and hearing gunshots. A woman shot by police during the riot was later pronounced dead. She is among 4 dead after the events. 

Igor Bobic

A political journalist for Huffington Post thanked those who were worried for his safety. He was at the Capitol reporting on the electoral votes when the riots broke out.

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He told followers that he was in hiding as he shared several photos of rioters waving Confederate and Trump flag in the Capitol buildings. 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC kept things brief after assuring her followers she was ok by simply writing, "Impeach". More and more political figures have been insisting Trump be held accountable for his supporter's actions. 

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Matt Fuller

Another reporter shared that Congress members were being told to find cover or prepare to hide in cloakrooms.

This was in the midst of several fears regarding suspicious packages and objects that were left in and around the building. 

Representative Hakeem Jeffries

New York congressional representative Jeffries foreshadowed the possibility of fatalities.

He said that those supporting the lie that Biden was wrongfully elected should be held accountable for the protests. 

Representative Yvette Clarke

Clarke tweeted President Trump directly to plead for an end to the violence at Capitol Hill.

She spoke of how she and her staff were sheltering in place while they awaited police assistance. 

Representative Jerry Nadler

Nadler expressed hope that these terrorists would be arrested for their crimes.

He called on Trump and Republican supporters to publicly condemn the events. Trump's refusal to do so resulted in him being banned from several social media sites as police struggled to contain the violence.

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