Teenager's Uncle Claims She Shouldn't Post Bikini Pictures Because A Supposed 'Concerned Parent' Sent Them To Him

There may never have been a 'concerned parent' to begin with.

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After posting some pictures online to her private Instagram account, a 16-year-old’s uncle reached out to her via text claiming that a "concerned parent" had forwarded them his way.

Years later, the young woman’s mother sent the story to AskAubry on Twitter who frequently posts about odd situations that happen to women just like this one.

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The teenager’s uncle claimed she shouldn’t post bikini pictures online.

Screenshots of the teenager’s photos, including one where she's wearing a bikini followed by screenshots of the text conversations, were posted online by AskAubry, and people were able to see the uncle’s odd confrontation. He started the conversation by saying, “These were sent to me by a concerned parent.”

“I’m assuming your mom and dad are OK with this or should I have a conversation with them?” he asked. Her uncle is not a blood relative — he is the teenager's aunt’s husband on her mom’s side.

Teenager's Uncle Claims She Shouldn't Post Bikini Pictures Because A Supposed 'Concerned Parent' Sent Them To HimPhoto: Twitter


“My mother follows my IG account so you could speak to her,” the teen girl responds. “I know my mom would be pretty upset that someone would not approach her but instead send screenshots of me to others behind her back.”

She goes into an explanation of her caption, telling her uncle that they were lyrics from a song but quickly ends her explanation after that, adding, “But I’m not really gonna defend all of my posts here. My IG is private — what parent can’t approach my mom?”

Her uncle’s response was that he would reach out to her parents directly, begging the question: why did he even text her in the first place? “I’m concerned nearly a thousand people 'like these,' are aware of the specific location and the potential risk this creates,” he explains, going into how nothing is private on the internet.

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The teen’s mom explains how the rest of their conversation went and what they did in response.

The teen's mom was aware of the photos her 16-year-old daughter posted on Instagram, even writing that they had “privacy settings” that meant they were safe from the wrong eyes — or so she thought.

“Her uncle (my sister’s husband) took great offense to it. He first texted her and sent her SS of her pictures to her and asked what her parents would think,” she explains. “Following him messaging my daughter, there were so many texts to me berating me as a parent describing the ‘sexual’ nature of pic and her posterior (as he put it).”

Teenager's Uncle Claims She Shouldn't Post Bikini Pictures Because A Supposed 'Concerned Parent' Sent Them To HimPhoto: Twitter


She claims that they no longer speak to him, even years later, as he felt that they needed to do something and would not stop barraging them with texts. But the teen's mom can’t seem to stop thinking about the odd confrontation, saying, “It has bothered me for years that what if my daughter said ‘PLEASE do not tell my parents,’” adding that her daughter is older now.

Fortunately, everyone in the replies to AskAubry’s tweet praised her for cutting the uncle off and standing up for her daughter. Anyone who claims to be family should not be sexualizing members of said family, making matters even worse that she was only 16.

One person touched on what the mother seems to have been concerned about, commenting, “He was being predatory and was hoping daughter’s response would allow him to use the pics as leverage.”


Everyone called him gross, creepy, and weird, wondering how he even got the photos in the first place if her account was private. If someone sent them to him, then who? He never answered that question as many people assumed that the “concerned parent” was really him the whole time.

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