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Store Owner Surprises Teen Who Drove 6 Hours To Find A Prom Dress In Her Size But Couldn't Afford It

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Plus size prom dress

Prom is a night made to remember, when teenagers dress up, dance, and celebrate their transition out of high school. But not everyone has such happy memories of prom.

Summer Lucille owns a clothing boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers a range of sizes, up to size 6x. "I know what it's like to be a fat girl in a fatphobic world," Lucille explained to Today of her decision to carry a varied size range.

Lucille started carrying plus-size prom dresses at her store, Juicy Body Goddess, to combat the painful memories she had of her own prom.

“If you weren’t skinny, there weren’t many options, and it was devastating for me because I’ve always loved fashion,” she said of her own experience growing up in the 90s. “It was a very sad period in my life,” Lucille said. “But I’m thankful for those experiences now.”

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Lucille had a heartwarming gesture for a teen who drove 6 hours to find a prom dress in her size.

Elyse Monroe, 18, found Lucille’s boutique through TikTok, where she posts sweet, uplifting videos of teens trying on dresses that fit them.

Monroe is from Manteo, North Carolina, which is a six-hour drive from Juicy Body Goddess, but the long drive was worth it for Monroe, who had a prom consultation with Lucille to find a dress in her size. 

According to statistics, the average dress size for a woman in America falls between size 16 and 18, signifying that plus sizes are more the norm than the exception. Despite that fact, many retailers don't carry larger sizes, although it was reported that the market for plus-size clothing in the US was valued at 24 billion dollars in 2020.

Monroe has felt that challenge firsthand. “Shopping is usually pretty stressful for me, which is why I mostly shop online,” Monroe stated. “But we were laughing the whole time. It was actually fun.”

Lucille recorded Monroe as she tried on various dresses, surrounded by her family.

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“I love that on you,” she said of one dress, a purple gown with crystals sewn onto it. “It is so beautiful.”

“Disney princess,” Lucille claimed as Monroe twirled in a circle. She chose the purple dress, only to receive a surprise when she and her family went up to pay.

Lucille gifted the expensive dress to Monroe, in a heartwarming gesture.

“This dress is $700,” Lucille told Monroe, whose face dropped at the price. “But it’s free,” Lucille continued. “We’re giving it to you.”

“Are you serious?” Monroe’s family members exclaimed while Monroe broke into tears. Monroe only had good things to say about her experience with Lucille, and the dress she was gifted. “Not only does it fit — but it makes me feel good about myself,” she said to Today.

“Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful. And I feel beautiful in that dress.”

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