Teen Says Her Dad's Girlfriend Refused To Buy Her A Starbucks Drink Because She ‘Didn’t Deserve It’ — Bought Her Own Daughter One Instead

Her dad's girlfriend claimed that she hadn't done anything deserving of a reward, so she refused to get her a drink.

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A teenage girl went onto Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” subreddit to post about a very upsetting incident where she felt excluded by her father’s girlfriend and her daughter.

Her 45-year-old father’s 33-year-old girlfriend had wanted to celebrate her daughter passing her math test by going out and treating her to all sorts of things. Obliging, he told her daughter to go with them and have a “girl’s day out” and gave his girlfriend $300 to spend between the three of them.


Her father’s girlfriend didn’t buy her anything, claiming she didn’t do anything that deserved a reward.

The 17-year-old tells her story to the subreddit in the hopes that they’ll enlighten her and help her figure out if she’s in the wrong for the way she reacted. She shares that for the last couple of months, she and her father have been staying with his girlfriend, but she hasn’t quite gotten used to it.

“I've only ever stayed at my dad's on weekends so it's been hard getting used to living with his gf and her kid full time,” she writes. “The kid is super [whiny] and pretty spoiled because gf dotes on her so I usually just stay in my room.”


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That day, however, his girlfriend had wanted to take her 13-year-old daughter out on a “special outing” after she passed her math test — something that she had been struggling with. He thought it would be a great idea if all three of them went out together.


“I wanted to say no but I knew that he wanted me to get to know his gf and gf's daughter better so I agreed,” she said, and that’s when their outing with the $300 budget started.

“We spent the day going in and out of stores gf's daughter liked in the mall complex,” she explained. “Gf ended up buying her a s--t ton of clothes, makeup, and other stuff I don't remember.”

When they stopped at Starbucks, she asked her dad’s girlfriend if she could get something.

After not having anything purchased for her the entire time during this “girl's day out,” the young woman finally decided to ask her dad’s girlfriend for something.

“She ordered a drink for her and her daughter and 2 cake pops. I asked her if I could get something and she said she ran out of money and she'd ‘get me something next time,’” she explained. “When they got their order I asked if I could have one of the cake pops and gf said that it was her daughter's treat for hard work and it would be wrong for me to take one since ‘I didn't do anything that deserved being rewarded.’”


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Understandably, she was upset, and when they all got home she made sure to let her dad know what happened. 

“When we got back home my dad saw their drinks and asked where mine was. I told him that ‘I wasn't allowed to get one cause I don't deserve it,’” she wrote. “His gf got upset and said I was twisting her words and the daughter just said I was being greedy and was jealous of her.”

Except, she didn’t really twist her words at all, and their behavior didn’t go unnoticed. The young woman ended up running to her room before her father could say anything, but she claims that she heard a lot of yelling.

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In a heartwarming update, she shared that her father was on her side the whole time and even put his girlfriend and her daughter up in a hotel so she could have space from them. He would return all of the things that they bought with his money and planned on taking a day off from work so they could do something together, just the two of them.

Everyone on Reddit reassured her that she wasn’t in the wrong, and praised the father for his supportive reaction. His girlfriend and her daughter have some serious apologizing to do next time they see each other.

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