Woman Reveals Career Hacks She Used To Go From Making $28K To $158K In Just 4 Years

Charlotte Chaze reveals the way to raise your salary to six figures fast.

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A woman who is now making five times as much money as she was four years ago is sharing her secrets to financial success.

Charlotte Chaze, a young tech worker, dedicates her TikTok profile to sharing details about  her motivational career journey and daily career hack videos. 

Chaze revealed how she went from a salary of $28,000 to making six figures in just under four years.

The successful tech worker explained that she did not have to go back to college just to build more debt, but rather had to be confident and insert her foot in the door in any way possible. 


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Through educating herself, Chaze is doing data analytics for AT&T with a pay of $158,000 annually while posting informational videos on TikTok about her profession.



In the viral video, Chaze delves into how she got where she is today.


After being fed up with her old, underpaid job, she searched for whatever she could find. 

One of the tricks she used was that she “even applied to jobs I wasn’t qualified for and ended up landing one of those as a data analytics associate at a consulting company.”

The consulting company job still consisted of long hours paired with a sea of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

However, it paid more than double what she was making as a biomedical researcher. 

Still unsatisfied with her new position, Chaze then went on to repeat her application strategy of applying to jobs when she was underqualified until she surpassed the six-figure mark.


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She soon got a job as a data analyst for Comcast with a substantial raise after enrolling in a guided self-teaching program where she learned a programming language.

“This job paid $90K, and the reason I got it is because I taught myself SQL over a matter of a couple weeks using a website called ‘KHAN academy,’ and the job used SQL” Chaze reveals. 

After a little over a year, Chase received a promotion and was being paid $104,000 annually. 

After another year, and an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, she was contacted by a recruiter and ended up with her AT&T job at $158,000 yearly. 


This is rather impressive during a pandemic and without obtaining a new college degree.  

TikTok users took to the comment section to share how Chaze’s advice impacted them. 

“I’m a single mom barely scraping by,” one user commented. “You are the reason I’m now getting up at 3:30am to study with Codecademy. Thank you so much for sharing your story!”


“I quit teaching. My last day is Friday,” another revealed. “I got a random job at a bank and plan on starting your pathway soon! I’m so excited! Thank you so much.”

Chaze’s platform encourages viewers and women in the workforce to apply for jobs they don't necessarily qualify for and to take low-cost educational courses online.

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