Tattoo Artist Says They Hate Doing Tattoos Of The Signature Of Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away—'It Makes It Look Like We Have Bad Penmanship'

His opinion on signature tattoos is the least of his problems.

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A tattoo artist made a bold statement about a certain kind of tattoo, only to be called out in the comments of a Facebook post for covering up his true identity when he made the claim. 

Davey Thonn posted an announcement to people who get their loved ones’ signatures tattooed on their bodies.

Tattoo artists are creatives who have their own views of what art they want to create but paying clients often feel that they should get to dictate what the artists do and don't do. So, because of that, Thon's stance has been somewhat divisive.


The tattoo artist claimed that tattooing signatures of loved ones who have passed away was against his artistic ideals.

Thonn stated that “us tattoo artists hate doing these… there’s no art involved other than tracing. No artistic freedom. And it makes us look as if our penmanship is bad.”

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A woman named Emily Christian responded to Thonn on Facebook, saying, “Y’all may hate doing these but it’s valuable to the person getting it. If it isn't your forte, let them know and they will find someone else who will do it without the dread behind it.”


Thonn responded, “Keep the card or check in a frame and hang it up! You don’t need every single sentimental thing tattooed on your body.”

Christian had her own answer to Thonn’s post, responding, “Yeah, of course, that’s an option. But maybe they don’t want to do that.” She continued on her theme of bodily autonomy, stating, “Maybe put other people’s thoughts and consideration into the things THEY want on THEIR bodies.”

A 2022 survey of 1,000 adults in the US found that 21% of American adults have one or more tattoos. According to the website History of Tattoos, 17% of people who have tattoos regret having one, with the most-cited reason being “it’s the name of another person.” While certain tattoo ideas might end up being regrettable, it's still the decision of the person getting that tattoo done.

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Christian noted that Thonn’s claim regarding signature tattoos was 'a very insensitive post' for a tattoo artist to make. 

Thonn responded with his own choice of rude words, saying, “I don’t give a f–k what people put on their body. But I’ll be d–ed if I contribute to the stupidity.”

And then, another voice entered the conversation to call Thonn out completely.

Andy McCreery posted a photo of Charles D. Thonn from the Sex Offender registry. As Jessica Bailey Hassan, the woman who posted the Facebook exchange to TikTok, explained, “If you’re on the registry, you’re done smack talking in your life. You can’t anymore.”


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