Struggling Marathon Runner Gets Guided To The Finish Line By Other Race Participants

Motivation goes a long way, especially in our toughest moments.

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Running a marathon is not for the faint of heart. Around 1.1 million people worldwide run a marathon each year, which is equal to around 0.01% of the global population. It is an incredibly challenging task that one must prepare themselves physically and mentally for. 

Marathon runners must possess a variety of characteristics, including discipline, dedication, perseverance, and motivation. These will not only guide them toward the finish line but their fellow runners alongside them as well. 


A video capturing a moment between runners during the final moments of a marathon proves how motivation and kindness demonstrated toward one another during our toughest moments go a long way. 

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The struggling marathon runner is guided toward the finish line by other race participants. 

The heartwarming short video clips depict runners participating in a marathon in London. As he approached the final 300m of the 26.2-mile race, Matthew Rees noticed a fellow runner, David Wyeth, hobbling, holding onto his knees, and doubling over from exhaustion and pain. 


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As he struggles to make it to the finish line, Rees slows down and supports him by one of his arms, decreasing his pace in order to walk alongside him. As other runners go by the two, a third joins them by grabbing hold of the struggling man’s other arm and helping him stay on his feet. 

Together, the three pick up their pace, their arms over each other’s shoulders as they press on to the finish line. Spectators loudly cheer them on, shouting out words of encouragement to help guide them to the end. 


Although the video ends before we are able to see it, it is pretty certain that the three runners all made it to the finish line with the support of one another. 

"I came round the final corner and I saw a runner struggling, his legs were collapsing beneath him. Every time he tried to get up, he kept on falling back to the ground,” Rees told the BBC. "I went over to him and said 'Come on, you can do this' and tried to gee him up. But every time he tried to get up, I realized he wasn't going to make it."

"I said 'come on, we can do this, we'll do it together, we'll cross the line together.'"

"I just helped a guy out when he was in need. I'm glad he got to the line, and I'm glad he is okay," he continued. "That spirit, it encompasses what running is about and what the marathon is about."


It is no doubt that completing a marathon is incredibly difficult, but motivating one another while you’re all in it together makes all the difference in the world. When runners motivate and encourage each other, they provide emotional support that can help boost morale and keep spirits high. Positive words, cheers, and gestures of support can make a significant difference in maintaining a positive mindset and overcoming moments of doubt or exhaustion. 

In some marathons, runners participate as part of a team or running group. Within these groups, motivating each other becomes a team effort. The collective encouragement and support foster a strong team spirit, with runners uplifting and pushing each other to go the distance. This team dynamic creates a positive and motivating environment that increases the likelihood of every team member finishing the marathon. 

The combined effect of emotional support, shared accountability, distraction, community, inspiration, and team spirit can significantly increase the odds of every participant crossing the marathon finish line. 


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