'Decamillionaire' Whose Mom Woke Up At 3:30AM To Work For 35 Years Says His Motivation Was Wanting Parents To 'Live Like Rockstars'

He thinks you should give back to your parents for raising you.

Blake Rocha thanking mom TikTok TikTok

A young man has recently gone viral for a wholesome video he made and uploaded to TikTok explaining what his motivations were (and still are) in order to become a “decamillionaire.”

Blake Rocha is a 25-year-old man who had a dream to become wealthy, found his fortune, and created a sprawling Airbnb business for one reason only.

Rocha claims that his drive for success comes from wanting his parents to ‘live like rockstars.’

With 1.2 million followers, Rocha (@fourtoeight) posted a video that received over 8.5 million views and served as a “thank you” letter — the caption reading “we love you, moms.”


“I watched my mom wake up at 3:30 AM every single morning to go to work at Costco for 23 years of my life and 35 years of her life,” he started the video off by saying.

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“At 23 I was a millionaire, at 25 I was a decamillionaire, and I get asked all the time: what’s the driving factor? Why are you still working every single day? Why don’t you just enjoy the money, sit back, and relax?”


Rocha’s answer is short, but sweet, and is an honorable one, to say the least.

“When you watch your mom struggle to give you everything… everything, that you want in life, you owe it to them to give everything back and more,” he said. “The cars, the houses, everything.”

“I want her and my dad to be living like f--king rockstars for the rest of their life, and then I’ll take care of me.”

At the end of the 58-second video, Rocha gives a small shout-out to all of the parents that are out there listening and raising children of their own, saying that their work doesn’t go unnoticed and that he speaks for everyone when he says that they are greatly appreciated.


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People in the comments shared their thoughts and complimented Rocha’s drive.

“That is respect you are a golden son,” read one of the top comments, with many others echoing the very same sentiment about how great of a son he was to his parents.

“My dream in life is to repay my parents for all the hard work they have done. So rad you are killing it man, teach me your ways,” read another comment.

“What a msg man I think this goes further than just giving back to your own family,” wrote a third. “If we could think like this for everyone the world would be better.”




Parents in the comments spoke up as well, explaining that everything they do is in order to make their children happy and grow up healthy.

“I work 18-hour days for children and I won’t give up until I make it,” wrote one hardworking parent.


“Knot in my throat. I do this for my kid and my mom/dad did the same. This is an awesome post. Bless you sweetie,” wrote a second.

Although the rest of Rocha’s posts regard his business proposals and strategies and promote his “school” for teaching others how to run a business like him, this post stands out among others as a heartfelt reminder of why exactly he does what he does.

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