Strangers Stop A Woman Erratically Riding A Bike With A Milk Crate Only To Make A Startling Discovery

The woman will now face a year in jail.

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After a group of pizza shop employees noticed a woman recklessly riding a bicycle outside the store, they approached her and noticed that a milk crate was attached to the vehicle by bungee cords.

They decided to investigate the contents of the crate, which they initially believed to be toys after one of the employees saw “an arm move.” What they actually uncovered inside the crate was heartbreaking.


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The mother was transporting her newborn twins in the milk crate attached to her bicycle.

On June 27, 2022, Brian Henderson and his co-workers at Just Pizza in Indianapolis spotted a woman outside of the store “swerving” on a bicycle, nearly falling over as she hit a curb.

Henderson, his co-workers, and other bystanders decided to confront the woman, concerned about her reckless riding. As they approached her, Henderson claims that he saw “an arm move” inside the milk crate that was attached to the bicycle, per Fox 59.


That’s when they came to the horrifying realization that there were two infants in the crate, unrestrained and wearing nothing but diapers.

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The aftermath of the incident was captured by witness Jeremiah Walton, who later uploaded the footage to his Facebook account. “You can’t have those babies in there like that,” he can be heard telling the woman as the infants scream from inside the crate. He notes that if the woman had hit a bump or lost control of the bicycle, the babies could have been seriously injured.

The woman, 36-year-old Blossum Kirby, later confirmed to be the mother of the two-month-old twins, claims that she was going to place her babies in a Moby wrap. Two bystanders remove the babies from the crate and called the police.

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Kirby claimed that she had no other method of transportation for herself and her babies.

Bystander Suezanne Lynch claims that as they were waiting for officers to arrive, the mother was struggling to stay awake and was in and out of consciousness, occasionally snapping out of it to yell at the strangers who took in the babies to give them back to her.

“She had told me that prior to me stopping her, she had one baby in the front and one baby in the back,” Lynch recalled. “She couldn’t control the bike that well, so she put both babies in the one milk crate in the front. [She said] that was her way of transporting the babies anytime she left.”

When police arrived, Kirby told them that she was riding her bike from her mother’s house to a friend’s house, which was calculated to be about a 30-minute ride. When officers questioned her why she did not ask the twins’ father for a ride, Kirby claimed that she did not know his name. 

concerned people find twins in womans bike milk cratePhoto: oldschoo.doubletimes / Facebook


She argued that she was a good mother who was currently on probation, but not under the influence of any drugs at the time. 

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The infant twins were taken to a hospital with minor injuries, and Kirby was arrested and will spend a year in jail.

Bystanders noticed that the babies, a boy and a girl, appeared to be “lethargic,” and medics transported them both to Riley Hospital for Children.

The baby girl suffered “sunburns, abrasions on her left hand, and minor scratches on her body.” The baby boy also had sunburns, minor scratches, and a wound to the groin along with an extreme rash.


The mother was charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent. One year later, she was sentenced to one year in jail. It is unknown at this time who has custody of Kirby’s twins.

While transporting infants in a milk crate strapped onto a bike is dangerous and negligent, we hope that the mother has access to resources that will allow her to provide a safer environment for her children. 

Witness Jeremiah Walton even called on viewers of his video of Kirby to “pray for her” instead of belittling her, as she is clearly struggling and adjusting to motherhood.


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