Starbucks Supervisor Tells Employee She Needs To Reschedule Putting Her Dog Down So She Can Make It To Her Shift

Her boss was completely unsympathetic to an employee's personal situation.

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A woman revealed the heartless response she received from her manager after admitting that she was going through a bit of a rough time.

In a screenshot of text conversations between her and her manager, Lailette shared that she had been letting her boss know that she wouldn't be able to come into her shift because she was going to be putting her dog down soon. Instead of offering sympathy, Lailette's manager was insensitive about the entire ordeal.


Her manager asked if she would be able to put her dog down on a different day so that it wouldn't interfere with her shift.

In the conversation posted to Lailette's Twitter, she had tried to tell her Starbucks supervisor that she may need a cover for her shift because her dog was being put down and she would be too distraught to come into work the following day.

"I'm sorry to do this but I'm trying to find coverage for my Sunday shift. I have to put my dog down on Saturday night and I will be an absolute mess. She's my best friend," Lailette texted her boss, adding that she wanted to let them know ahead of time about her situation.


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starbucks supervisor tells employee to reschedule putting her dog down so she doesn't miss her shiftPhoto: @lai_lette / Twitter

Instead of being understanding about Lailette having to through such an emotional experience and even offering her condolences, her manager was only worried about Lailette missing her shift. Her boss informed her that she had "plenty of notice" so her time off would not be approved.


On top of that, she asked Lailette: "Is there a way you could do it on a night where you don't work the next day?" Lailette promptly responded that she understood how much of an inconvenience this is, but that it's her family dog who is extremely sick and she can't just switch the appointment to come into work.

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starbucks supervisor tells employee to reschedule putting her dog down so she doesn't miss her shiftPhoto: lai_lette / Twitter


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Due to her manager's response, Lailette decided she had no desire to work at Starbucks anymore, promptly letting her manager know she was also quitting. "This is also me putting in my two weeks officially. I've worked for this company for 2.5 years and I appreciate what it's done for me but I'm ready to move on."

The manager's lack of concern and empathy proves that employees have no problem quitting if a work environment is toxic.

An unsympathetic and toxic boss can have a significant negative impact on an employee's motivation, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. In a recent survey of 957 people who were openly looking for jobs, when asked why they had left their previous positions, 76% of them blamed a "toxic" boss for being the reason.


A work environment with little empathy and support for employees during challenging times is also likely to lead to high turnover rates, and people quitting when they don't feel respected or heard, as Lailette did.

Employees want to feel valued and cared for, and when they don't receive that support, they may seek opportunities elsewhere.

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In the comments section, many people shared the same frustrations with Lailette's unsympathetic manager and praised her for leaving such a toxic work environment.


"Go to bat for your employees and they will return the favor tenfold. People will appreciate the kindness you show them in their hour of need, but they will never forget (rightfully so) when you fail to show mercy," one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, "What an absolute disgrace, I am so sorry you had to go through that."

This real-life example emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of compassion and understanding within organizations and companies. To build thriving workplaces, managers need to prioritize empathy, support, and understanding when dealing with their employees' personal challenges.


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