A School Told Second Graders To Dress As Their 'Favorite Superhero' For Class, So One Girl Dressed As Her Teacher

Teachers are the true American heroes right now, whether they signed up for it or not.

Caroline Carlson, Jamie Deigh Facebook

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some wear a denim jacket and glasses! 

When students at R.E. Baker Elementary School in Bentonville, Arkansas were encouraged by the school to dress as their favorite superhero for one week, one-second grader adorably delivered. 

The little girl dressed as her teacher since she was her superhero. 

Little Caroline Carlson is a student in Jamie Deigh’s second-grade class, and it is evident how much of an impact her teacher has had on her life. That’s why during the dress like a superhero week at the school, Caroline came in sporting the same accessories that Deigh wears. The little girl and her teacher were a dynamic duo in their matching denim jackets and glasses. 


Bentonville Schools shared a photo to their Facebook page of the two standing side by side, with Deigh’s arm around Caroline, both of them beaming at the camera.

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“Forget the cape. Throw on a jean jacket and change the world wherever you are today, Bentonville!” the post read. Other Facebook users could not get over the pair and agreed that teachers are indeed superheroes. “This is very sweet! Not all superheroes wear capes!” one user commented. “What better hero than a teacher? This in itself speaks volumes about her teacher. Beautiful!” another user wrote. 

Others shared their own stories about how their own childhood teachers had a significant impact on them.

“I still remember my second-grade teacher Miss Lansidel at Indian Mills Elementary School…this is an adorable picture and a memory to cherish for the rest of their lives,” one user shared. 

Teachers matter more to students than we may realize. Not only do they improve students’ academic and learning abilities, but they also foster essential qualities including self-esteem and motivation. The average teacher affects over 3,000 students over the course of their career, with 75% of students claiming that their teachers are their role models. While these statistics may appear as flattering, they also imply the monumental amount of pressure that teachers are faced with to be their students’ heroes, despite their own fears. 


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In light of recent tragedies, teachers have also had to tackle the role of protector. With one-third of US parents of children in grade schools fearing that a shooting could occur on school grounds, teachers have been faced with no choice but to actively prepare and jump in to protect their students if one should ever occur. 

In the classroom, all eyes fall on the teacher during lesson plans so that students can gain preparation for the upcoming test. The same applies whenever there is another story about a school shooting being broadcasted on the news. They want to be as prepared as they possibly can should the same happen at their own school, and teachers are forced to be the heroes to swoop in and save the day, engaging in a war they never signed up for.


Their bravery and heroism cannot be matched. 

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