A 'Seatbelt Psychic' Reads His Uber Passengers To Connect Them With Family Members Who Have Passed

This was a powerful, heartwarming reading.

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Believe what you will when it comes to psychics and the supernatural, but I think we can all agree that some of the things that these people pull off are incredible in nature. 

Hold your skepticism at the door and suspend your disbelief as one Uber driver does a reading of his passengers during a heartwarming trip.

The ‘seatbelt psychic’ reads his Uber passengers from the moment they get in the car.

A TikTok account called @tarotmedium_kelly recently posted a video from the YouTube series “Seatbelt Psychic” that has recently gone viral, receiving more than 5.6 million views.


The series follows a Medium named Thomas John, and the episode that went viral featured a couple that had taken a ride in John’s car.

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“Do you believe in psychics?” John asks, likely knowing the response he would get but using the question as a way to open up the conversation for his reading.


“Eh, I don’t know,” says the man in the back, laughing at the prospect of it all. “I feel like they’re kind of like — I’m not going to say bogus — but bogus,” the woman says.

When they question why he asked, he reveals that he’s actually a psychic, and they immediately go into feeling sorry that they insulted his profession.

He doesn’t seem to mind, and when the man asks him what it’s like or how it works, John explains that he gets “feelings, I get impressions. It’s not like people are like waking me out of my sleep and stuff like that.”

Likely referring to the exaggerations portrayed in movies and TV shows, he explains that it’s a pretty normal process, but the woman says “So I’m glad to know you don’t see dead people.” Little did she know, John actually does and goes into his reading of how he felt the moment the couple had gotten in his car.


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Medium Thomas John sensed the woman’s dead father the moment she got in the car.

“Like, when you guys got in the car, I felt her dead dad. I felt your dead dad with you,” John said.

“Oh sh--,” the woman said, incredulous at what she had just heard. “Wow, that’s powerful!” the man says, laughing and shaking by how crazy it all sounds. How could John possibly have known that her father had passed away?


“So he is with me,” the woman says, and likewise, the man says “I [always am] saying your dad be with you. He’s always with you.” John continues, saying that there’s a group of people with them, but her dad specifically was ready to hang out with them.

“He’s like all right, let’s hang out. I want to be with my daughter. I want to be with them,” he explains. “He wants to, like, up and go to Vegas.”

The two passengers look at each other in complete shock, revealing that Vegas was his favorite place. The woman holds her head in shock, emotional about what she’s hearing.

Likely believing at this point that John is the real deal, she opens up and tells him about her father and how he had passed away from a stroke. At this point, she starts tearing up and crying, but John says that he has more messages for her, joking about how the wedding he missed between her and her husband had been full of drama.


Not only that, but John said that his spirit had made the conscious decision to pass over to the other side to help her when she had gotten sick.

She had Stage 4 Lymphoma cancer, and she would always pray to her father, hoping that he could hear her, and John confirms that he was on the other side fighting for her to stay alive. By the end of the ride, she is super appreciative of what he did, but the man had one more thing he wanted to ask, and asked “is it possible you could just tell my grandfather hi?”

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The medium reads the man’s grandfather’s energy as well.

“It’s weird because when I get his energy, he feels kind of like he was like a father figure to you,” John says. The man holds his hand to his eyes, covering them because of how emotional he is.


“Are you wanting to go into real estate?” John continues. The woman laughs in shock that he was able to read that while he continues. “He’s talking about that. Whatever you’re doing with that, he thinks it’s real cool.”

John then introduces someone else who had a message for them — the woman’s cousin. “Do you guys have a Damian?”

He explains that Damian is there too, with the whole group of people, and he wanted to let them know that they’re taking care of him. Wrought with emotion, they both thank him and exit the vehicle, with the woman telling him “please never stop doing what you do.”


In 1988, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences released a report in which they concluded there is “no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.” This, however, doesn’t stop people from believing that it is real, because really, how could John have inferred all of this based on her Uber profile?

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