Woman Left With 'Chills' After A Stranger At The Grocery Store Said She Was Pregnant

A psychic lady predicted this woman's rainbow pregnancy after looking at her in the grocery store.

Lana Bianca TikTok

After losing her baby boy on August 5, 2022, Australian influencer Lana Bianca couldn't have predicted becoming pregnant again within 3 months.

The soon-to-be mom of four, including her angel son, has been documenting her grief and mental health journey after her stillbirth for over 300,000 followers on TikTok.

However, those followers were in for a surprise when Lana shared a TikTok back in November sharing how she found out she was pregnant with her rainbow baby — a term used to describe a baby born after losing a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. 


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A stranger in the grocery store told Lana Bianca that she believed she was pregnant.

"You wouldn't believe what just happened to me," begins Lana in a video that has amassed over 21 million views.

Lana explains that she was buying flowers at the store to put on her stillborn son's grave when the woman approached her. 



"This lady she comes up to me, she looks me up and down, she goes ‘you’re pregnant,’” Lana explains. 


She turns to the side in the TikTok, showing her belly, and says “Do I look pregnant? No!”

She shows the seven-pack of pregnancy tests she bought — just to make sure the woman wasn’t playing a prank on her — then proceeds to take the test.

Convinced that it will be negative, she stares at the test for the whole three minutes it takes to process the results.

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When she finally looks at the test, she breaks down. 

“There is definitely a faint line there… it’s definitely faint but it’s there. It came up straight away,” she says through her tears.


Lana's next video shows her surprising her equally emotional partner with the test, a moment that is no doubt bittersweet for them given their difficult past few months.



Lana is now 18 weeks pregnant and posts frequent updates on her pregnancy journey along with relatable videos about adjusting to pregnancy after losing a baby.

The joy of finding out she was pregnant touched many people and inspired those who have also lost a baby to remain hopeful that they too will be sent a rainbow baby.


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Many believe the lady who predicted her pregnancy was a messenger from God or Lana's son.

People were very moved by Lana's video, they were extremely perplexed by the woman in the store's intuition.

They claim she sent her this rainbow baby from the other side, and the woman in the store delivered the message to her.


“Your baby boy sent you your rainbow baby,” one commenter wrote.

Another says, “That lady was an actual angel. They’re real and send us messages from God. I’m so happy for you xxxx.”

To one commenter that said, “I claim this my baby boy was stillborn at 36 weeks 3 months today xx,” Lana replied, “Sending big hugs and baby dust beautiful.”

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