Police Had Hidden Cameras Watching Brian Laundrie’s Home Before He Went Missing

Did they see him leave?

Brian Laundrie House Twitter / YouTube

Florida police reportedly had Brian Laundrie’s home under video surveillance early on in the investigation into Gabby Petito’s disappearance.

This news comes after remains found near the Carlton Reserve have been confirmed to be that of the missing person of interest in Petito’s death.

While many wondered how Laundrie had been able to flee his home just days after Petito was reported missing, this new information suggests law enforcement were keeping better tabs on him than previously assumed.


Cameras were set up at Brian Laundrie’s home before he went missing.

NewsNation reporter Brian Entin confirmed that he had been informed about the cameras after police saw him looking directly into their lens during a Twitter livestream. 

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Entin says that the North Port Police Department confirmed to him that several cameras were placed around the Laundrie’s house and in neighbors’ yards both before and after the 23-year-old went missing.

One camera was attached to a structure in a neighbor’s yard that looked onto the back of Laundrie’s home while another was placed in a dumpster that faced the street.


Police were live-streaming the footage from the cameras. It remains unclear if or when police realized Laundrie had left his North Port, Florida home.

One camera was set up between September 11 and September 12, according to one neighbor. This was right after Petito was reported missing by her family after Laundrie and his parents refused to give them information about her whereabouts. 


The Laundrie’s timeline of Brian’s disappearance has been inconsistent. 

According to his parents, Laundrie left home to go for a hike in the Carlton Reserve on September 13, taking the family’s Ford Mustang which they later drove home days before reporting their son missing.

However, even this timeline has been somewhat unreliable as they initially claimed they last saw him on September 14. 

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Reports suggest that police believed Laundrie was still at home until September 17 as this is when his parents told investigators that he was missing.


This implies that no one initially saw Laundrie leave his home on the surveillance cameras that had been set up. 

However, it should be noted that the Laundrie’s only adjusted their timeline after speaking to the FBI.

As their lawyer, Steven Bertolino, stated in early October, the timeline changed "after further communication with the FBI and confirmation of (the family's car) being at the Laundrie residence on Wednesday September 15"

Authorities likely know more than they were sharing publicly and were able to confidently point out why the Laundrie’s timeline didn’t add up with their own evidence. 


As law enforcement look to find answers in Petito’s homicide and Laundrie’s death, the 23-year-old’s parents now play a more crucial role than ever.

Whatever evidence that has been taken from these surveillance cameras may be used to fact check Roberta and Chris Laundrie’s seemingly inconsistent timeline of their son’s final movements. 

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