Podcast Hosts Say Only 'Poors' Use Washcloths In The Shower & They've 'Ended Friendships' Over It

"I've ended friendships with people who use washcloths."

Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitsky Twitter / Instagram

If you are going to do a live broadcast once a week talking about various topics with millions of people tuning in to listen, you should probably make sure that you are educated on said topics. 

Listeners will be quick to notice you spewing ignorant comments about subjects you did not research beforehand. 

Two podcasters recently came under fire on Twitter after sharing their beliefs about those who use washcloths in the shower, and it has sparked a debate about cleaning habits and hygiene. 


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The podcasters claimed that ‘only poor people’ used washcloths in the shower. 

Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitsky have been married since 2008 and are the founders of “YMH Studios.” 

The popular website had launched seven podcasts, each that releases a new episode each week featuring various comedians.

“Every week, millions of people of all races, religions, numerous genders, varying criminal records, and disgusting sexual fetishes tune in from every continent around the world to share a laugh with Tom, Christina, Bert, Danny, Dr. Drew, Garth and all of the fascinating, unpredictable and very funny people who are friends with them,” the website reads. 


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The YMH Studios Youtube channel that regularly posts clips of their podcasts has a whopping 1.59 million subscribers. One of the most well-known podcasts on the site is the “YMH [Your Mom’s House] Podcast,” hosted by Tom and Christina themselves. Each week, they hop online to discuss a variety of topics with viewers.

One of their most recent conversations had many people raising their eyebrows and calling out the people for being uneducated about the matter. 


Tom and Christina were discussing showering habits, and believed that using a washcloth in the shower was only a method used by “poor people.” 

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“I think the washcloth is a poor person thing,” Christina says. “I’ve only met poors who use them,” her husband agrees. 

The two then speculate if using a washcloth in the shower may actually be an exclusively European tradition. 

“I have European friends who use them as well,” Christina says, to which Tom replies, “maybe they’re poor.” 

Tom feels so passionately about the matter that he claims to have “ended friendships” with those who use washcloths in the shower. “I don’t want that stink on me…like that poor stink,” he says. Christina suggests that people use washcloths to avoid “touching their hands to their genitals.” 


The controversial discussion has fired up many Internet users who point out that the couple’s statements were classist and inaccurate. 

“How is it that every eight weeks or so, white people get together and admit that they don’t wash their bodies and make us witness it,” Twitter user @MediumSizeMeech shared, posting the short clip in question. 

“As a poor white person growing up, I considered washcloths to be a rich person thing, like nice cloths just for extra scrubbing? Fancy!” one user revealed. “Fancy! Gotta love how this take is both racist and classist. Also, are loofahs for 'the poors' too or no?” 

“I’m so confused they are saying having something to wash your body with is a poor person thing but… using your bare hand is for the rich? I’ll stay struggling thanks,” another user wrote. 

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Other users debated whether or not using a washcloth was hygienic. 

“I wash my body without a filthy bacteria-covered rag,” one user who is against washcloths shared.

“Not using a washcloth doesn’t mean you don’t wash your body,” another user pointed out. Others were in favor of using washcloths. 

“If washcloths are dirty, why do hospitals use them on patients? Last I checked, they prefer things to be as sterile as possible,” one user pointed out. “Just say y’all don’t like washing y’all’s a– and then leave the rest of us out of it.” 

“I bought a scrub brush and washcloth before surgery because I knew I would have trouble reaching my feet and it was a game changer.,” another user revealed. 


“I've always used a washcloth because, as far as I can tell, the fibers on the washcloth are going to hold the soap better and scrape more dirt off my body than my slippery, soapy hands or a bar of wet soap,” another user added. 

Experts say that using a washcloth in the shower is beneficial, but you should always use a new one every shower. 

Used washcloths are a breeding ground for bacteria due to the dampness and the moisture. It is also safe and effective not to use washcloths at all, using just body wash instead. 

To summarize, do whatever you want in the shower and don't let people shame you for it!

Who knew that two comedians could be criticizing the non-wealthy and wind up starting a war on washcloth culture?! 


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