Pastor’s Wife Claims Husband Cheated On Her & Used ‘Family Funds’ For Vacation With New Girlfriend

She's not holding back.

Pastor's Wife Claims He Cheated In Viral TikTok TikTok

TikTok has become a megaphone for a lot of people all over the world. One of those people who needed that microphone to get her story out is Stephanie under the account name @inverted_yogi.

Stephanie put out a series of TikTok’s blasting her husband, who is an associate pastor, for abandoning their family after the death of their daughter.

The pastor's wife claims he abandoned his family for another woman while still married.

Stephanie explained the situation in a TikTok that was apparently flagged for harassment and bullying but appears to be back up on her TikTok.


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In the original TikTok, Stephanie explains that the nurse that her husband was now in a relationship with had changed her profile picture to be one of her and Christian Gray, Stephanie’s husband.


Stephanie claims, in a tone that is dripping with vitriolic sarcasm, that it’s ok, though, because the two didn’t get together until after her husband moved out, one year after their daughter died.

Gray and his new girlfriend allegedly went on a vacation together two weeks after he moved out.

If it wasn’t enough that Gray allegedly abandoned, not only his wife but also his two other sons to pursue a new relationship, he supposedly went on a vacation with her and her two daughters using “family funds.”

Stephanie and her sons could see the charges come in for the vacation expenses. Apparently, Gray’s reasoning wasn’t very compelling either, Stephanie said very sarcastically, “I hear that his excuse was that he needed someone to pray with, I’m glad he found his prayer warrior!”

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The TikTok was viewed 3.4 million times and Gray allegedly posted a response on Facebook.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Gray claimed that Stephanie was just as guilty as he was.

Another TikToker uploaded a video of Gray’s alleged response although the post seems to have since been deleted.



The alleged Facebook post was long, but one of the real highlights of Gray's explanation is when he writes, "Even when Makayla was going through her illnesses. I tried! Even when Stephanie was going through her illnesses. I tried! When me and Stephanie's marriage was ravished by bitterness, disrespect, hatred, infidelity (on both our part); I tried!"


The whole situation is a mess and, as ridiculous as Gray’s alleged actions seem to have been, this story is a real tragedy.

A family lost a daughter and a year later, that child’s mother and two brothers lost their father too. This is life-altering stuff, especially for children who will now have to make do without their father.

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