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Mom Reveals Messages From Man Who Canceled Date After Seeing Photos Of Her Postpartum Body

Photo: TikTok
Sarah Jo and the text conversation

One of the touchier areas of social commentary revolves around our bodies and how we accept ourselves and others.

There is a lot that people can’t control about their bodies and how they look so it’s always sad to see when someone is unhappy with the way that they look, and infuriating when people are judgmental of the way that others look.

One TikToker posted a text conversation with a man who canceled a date with her because of her “loose skin.”

In the messages, after TikToker charliesmom_gotitgoingon, or Sarah Jo, sent a picture of herself, the very classy man allegedly responds, saying, “Yeah the loose skin from the pregnancy is the only thing. I appreciate you being so understanding, that’s rare I promise lol.”

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There’s kind of a lot to unpack there. Not only is this one element enough to drive this guy off, causing him to call off the date, but he also explains it to Jo in detail, as if it were some sort of evaluation, like she could improve on it or something.

Sarah Jo has received a lot of support online.

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One commenter on the original video wrote, “I- I’m just at a loss. THE AUDACITY.”

Other commenters were supportive of Sarah Jo confused by the whole thing, writing, “I literally paused, screenshot, zoomed in —-I STILL CANT SEE ANY FLAWS. Seriously, who is this man??? You definitely dodged a bullet.”

It’s ok to have preferences.

Everyone has things they like and don’t like, but pointing out what you don’t like is generally a pretty meanspirited thing to do, especially when it isn’t something that can be controlled.

Sarah Jo posted a follow-up video in which she talked a little more about the interaction and showed the loose skin.



Sarah Jo seems to be doing well.

Sarah Jo says in her follow-up video that she isn’t and hasn’t been taking online dating too seriously and that, while she wasn’t really sure how to react in the moment, it probably wouldn’t have been worth being negative or ripping into him over it.

Sarah Jo is looking on the bright side of the situation, saying, “Now we all get to laugh about it on TikTok.”

Ultimately people like what they like and some people just lack any sort of tact or social skills and, as much as they might be a jerk about something that you can’t change, they are probably never going to stop irritating people around them.

Love yourself for who you are and be who you want to be for yourself. 

As Sarah Jo so eloquently puts it, “I’m sorry that people suck.”

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