Parents Say They Bathe Their Toddler 'Very Rarely' — Only When She Asks Them To

Their toddler went without a bath or shower ‘for the first whole part of her childhood.’

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Hygiene can be a touchy subject. It’s a personal matter that lots of people have very strong opinions on. Regardless, there will always be some people who insist on sharing their hygiene habits with the world online, and in cases like these, it’s not surprising that they faced some backlash.

That was the case when Dear Media posted a clip from The Skinny Confidential Podcast on TikTok in which guest Serenity and Joe Carr discuss their daughter's hygiene habits with host Lauryn Evarts.


In a TikTok, the Carrs discussed how often they bathe their children. They shared that their daughter “didn’t have a bath for like five months of her life,” and that they only bathe her “if she asks for it,” or if she’s “exceptionally dirty.”

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The parents didn’t bathe their daughter ‘for the first whole part of her childhood.’

Serenity and Joe are parents to a little girl named Della and owners of a healthy baby snack brand.

The couple, while appearing on Evarts' podcast, explained that they wanted to “keep her skin microbiome healthy and intact,” believing that even rinsing with water would expose their child to “chlorine and all kinds of other preservatives and different chemicals.”




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Validating their guests, Evarts' husband and co-host Micheal Bosstick described the bathing habits as “coming back to a more primal way of life.” Evarts chimed in once again and claimed that “as a mother, you have the intuition to know when they need a bath.”

Unsurprisingly, comments on the video were not entirely supportive.


My mother's intuition says my child needs a bath daily,” one person commented. Others said “This is why not everyone needs a podcast,” and “How do these people have a platform?”

Healthline recommends parents bathe toddlers 2-3 times a week. This prevents kids' skin from getting tried out and allows them to build resistance to germs and bacteria without going overboard.

Commenters who had experience with toddlers were floored by the video.

“My kids are literally filthy every single day. I can’t imagine letting them go to bed like that,” said one user. “Do the kids of these parents just not play or eat?”

“I don't know no child who doesn’t smell nor aren’t dirty after running around and playing in the playground… smh kids get bullied for smelling,” said another user. One commenter added, “Yeah I have an eight-month-old. Every mealtime requires a bath.”


A few commenters asked if not bathing your child for months at a time would count as neglect. Others responded by pointing out how factors like race and class could play into this consideration. “It is! And if they weren’t white parents they’d get sent to CPS,” said one user. Another responded, “If they were poor or POC their children would have been taken.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on personal hygiene, but if you choose to share them online, don't be surprised if you face some pushback!

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