Parent Emails Teacher To Insist Child's F Grade Get Changed To A B Because She 'Works So Hard' & Has No Time For Assignments

Their point about homework has some credence to it.

A teacher explains an email he got from one of his student's parents TikTok

Having a child who is not doing well in school can be an unpleasant experience. Most parents want to see their children succeed academically, but many issues may cause them to fall behind. 

Often, parents take it upon themselves to help their children do better in school. For instance, they may threaten to take away certain privileges unless their grades go up or might just sit down and help them study.


However, one parent decided the best way to get their child’s grade up would be to send a strongly worded email to her teacher.

They emailed the teacher to insist their child’s F grade get changed to a B because she ‘works so hard.’

Mr. S is a middle school teacher and hockey coach who posts education-related content to the video-sharing app TikTok. In a recent video, he showed an email a parent sent him regarding one of his student’s grades. Mr. S took the liberty to read it out loud. The parent stated that their child is a hardworking student, undeserving of such bad grades.



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“I do not appreciate that you are failing my child. My child works so hard and you expect way too much from them,” they wrote.

They went on to say that they “expect” the teacher to fix the F grade that very night. The parent clarified the grade they would like to see on their child’s report card.

“It should be a minimum c,” they wrote.

But that grade is just the minimum! The parent really believes that the grade should be a B, which is an interesting choice considering that they stated their child works hard. Wouldn't they be deserving of an A? In addition to that, the parent accused Mr. S of deliberately failing the student.

“I do not appreciate you purposefully failing my child, my child deserves more credit than she is getting,” they wrote.


The parent’s final excuse for their child’s poor grades is homework. They claimed that there is simply not enough time in a day to finish the amount of homework that Mr. S assigns to his class. And they even throw a personal insult at him!

“Regarding missing assignments once again how do you expect any child to have time at home to do assignments? You must not have any type of life to think this is possible,” they wrote.

Despite the low blow, their homework critique is not new. 

According to Forbes, several studies how found that most homework assigned by teachers is ineffective. But that doesn’t mean they have to be! For example, when learning a violin, it’s best for learning to practice at home in addition to class. And the same idea works for educational learning too, but studies suggest that teachers just aren’t assigning the right homework to boost learning.

Though, as for this parent, their approach to resolving their child’s low grades has come under scrutiny, and on top of that, Mr. S clarified that he barely assigns homework anyway. Many people took to the comments to critique the parent.


“It’s so sad that some parents make excuses instead of holding kids accountable,” one person wrote.

“Seriously folks. Make your kids do the work. In the real world, you don’t do the work, you get fired. Teach them responsibility,” another added.

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