OnlyFans Model Claims She Has No Female Friends Because She's Too Hot

Who can relate?

OnlyFans Model Claims She Has No Female Friends Because She's Too Hot

Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, and beauty is pain. A pain of the heart. Or rather, a curse. Yeah, beauty is a curse. 

At least that's the case for model, influencers, and OnlyFans starlet, Moriah Mills, who claimed that friendship is hard because she's so attractive

OnlyFans model, Moriah Mills, claims she has no women friends because she's too hot. 

According to Mills, friendship with other women is nearly impossible. Jealousy always gets in the way. 


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"I’ve had female friends before, but as I grew up and cared more about my appearance, the friends have become less and less," she said. "I’ve had women tell me they don’t want me around because their husband is looking at me."

Who is Moriah Mills?

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Moriah Mills’ Instagram bio suggests that she lives in New York City. Currently, she is twenty-seven years old. In addition to being a model, she's an aspiring musician and rapper. 


She has approximately 124,000 Instagram followers and follows only 46 accounts. Talk about a power move.

Mills also has roughly 568,000 TikTok followers and over 651,000 Twitter followers. Talk about an even bigger power move.

Moriah Mills said friendship is difficult for her to sustain because her friends are afraid their husbands will "fancy her."

“Some of my friends have blatantly told me, ‘we don’t want you around just because our husbands and our boyfriends are looking at you.’" Mills said.

Mills also explained that taking or talking to other people’s partners is not her thing. “That’s not my thing,” she said.

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'I don't go after other people's husbands,” she said, “but I get attention when we go out for brunch. Other people's husband's have come on to me in the past,' she went on.”

"I feel like sometimes women put their insecurities on me because my body does stand out a lot from the normal average body," Mills said. 


"When I do go I get a lot of stares," she continued. "I can know how they're feeling, someone getting all that attention when they're just trying to drink coffee and have a regular girls' night out."

However, spiritual life coach Keya Murthy tells us that Mills could have as many friends as she wants with a simple attitude shift!

"To have a friend, you have to be a friend. Maybe her considering herself “too hot” gives her an attitude that I am better than anyone I know, and no one is good enough to be my friend," Murthy explains. 

She said she’s hoping to get a breast reduction so people will stop staring at her chest.

Apparently, she’s never had curve-enhancing surgery.


Suprise, surprise, social media blew up with disapproval of these comments.

One person on Twitter wrote, "She's too hot she must be talking about today's weather.”

Another tweeted,  "Can someone pinch me so I wake up please?? Or am I seriously watching some woman claim she’s too hot for female friends."


Another day, another reminder that confidence is really a mindset.

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